A father sparks an online debate after rocking his daughter’s head for 45 minutes to help her sleep during a flight

It is not uncommon today to see people arguing on the internet about one thing or another.

One could say it was inevitable, as bringing together millions of people in one place and giving them the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings, no matter how contrary, was always bound to spark lively debates.

Photos and videos that divide opinions are now considered the norm online, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth looking at every time they appear. Here at Newsner, we have covered many such topics in the past. So when we came across a photo of a father and his sleeping daughter on a plane – a photo that generated all sorts of comments – we felt it was worth sharing…

The debate in question began when Reddit user u/therra123 visited the r/MadeMeSmile discussion thread to post a sweet moment captured between a father and his daughter.

The user uploaded an image of a girl curled up in her aisle seat during a flight. Instead of resting her head on the armrest – a rather makeshift and unforgiving pillow, I’m sure anyone who has experienced it would agree – her father had placed his hand under her cheek.

The corresponding caption on Reddit reads: «This man held his hand in this position for 45 minutes so his daughter could sleep well.»

At this point, we must express our opinion that this is nothing more than a father performing his duties. The message was rightfully labeled as «heartwarming moments,» but some Redditors disagreed.

Incredibly, the father faced criticism for his actions, with some simply stating that he could have done better.

The post, which quickly went viral with around 60,000 votes and thousands of comments, included responses such as:

«I feel like there’s a better way to do this.»

Another added, «Don’t you have your blanket? A blanket is the most important thing to bring.»

A third commented, «This shows a clear lack of creativity in problem-solving. 45 minutes, and you couldn’t think of a practical solution. Huh!»

While a fourth wrote, «Seriously. Roll up a hoodie, and there you have an instant pillow. Or, here’s a crazy idea: ask a flight attendant for a blanket and pillow.»

On the other hand, some were more understanding towards the father and his gesture. Coincidentally, this is the camp we find ourselves in as well!

And you? Did you see anything wrong with the father acting as a makeshift pillow for his daughter on this flight? Share your reactions with us in the comments.

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