A mother abandons her daughter one month after her birth – what her boyfriend does next cannot be undone

Welcoming a little life into this world is a feeling that cannot be adequately described with words.

It’s an event that completely changes your life, and the way you lived before is now altered forever.

But at the birth of little Persephone, her first journey on Earth does not begin in joy.

Shortly after her birth, her mother runs away with the baby girl and gives her boyfriend an ultimatum.

This decision changed Persephone’s life forever.

All parents know that there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your young child.

If your daughter or son is in danger in any way, you’ll do everything to keep them safe and provide strength and support when needed.

But not all parents are necessarily up to the task.

In 2015, Richard Johnson welcomed his very first child with his then-partner.

Happiness was immense, and when they locked eyes with their daughter Persephone for the very first time, the joy was complete.

But what Richard thought would be the beginning of a long period of happiness with his girlfriend turned into a nightmare.

Just a month after giving birth, his partner left, taking their little girl with her.

Richard was naturally devastated and didn’t know what to do.

He searched and searched for the mother and daughter, but in vain – until the day…

The Girlfriend’s Icy Ultimatum

The girlfriend suddenly contacted him and told him that she regretted everything.

Richard might have thought she meant she wanted to come back home with their daughter.

But that was far from the case.

His girlfriend had had enough of everything and told him that she wanted nothing more to do with him or their daughter, according to the Café Mom website.

If Richard didn’t come to pick up their daughter quickly, she threatened to put her up for adoption.

At that moment, Richard jumped on the first plane to where they both were.

At 21, Richard is now a single father with a one-month-old daughter.

His girlfriend made it clear what she wanted.

Richard and their daughter Persephone found themselves alone, left to fend for themselves.

Seeking Help from Other Parents

He was now faced with new challenges: he had to raise his daughter all alone.

After a while, he sank into depression, and Richard soon didn’t know what to do.

All he knew was that he needed help, and he needed it urgently.

That’s when he discovered a support group on Facebook, ‘Life of Dad’.

He brought together other single fathers for them to exchange tips and advice, and most importantly, to support each other.

Within this community, Richard found the strength he needed.

He shared his story with the group, and his message quickly went viral.

«My name is Richard Johnson, and I am the single father of a beautiful little girl named Persephone. She was left in our care about a month after her birth.

«We don’t know exactly why, but we believe postpartum depression played a role.

Before finding the group, Richard shared how he read books on the art of parenting and sought advice on taking care of a child.

Soon, he learned everything from how to paint nails to various parenting issues that may arise along the way.

«We’ve come a long way, my daughter and I, and we owe a debt of gratitude to this site and the people in it. That’s why both of us wanted to thank you.»

Meeting the New Love

After a while, followers also realized that another person had entered Richard’s life.

In 2017, he shared some big news: he had found love again.

«We met at the mall while I was pathetically trying to get her attention by asking if she could help me pick out clothes for Persephone. I explained that I wasn’t sure what went well together and needed advice since my own wardrobe consisted only of black, matte black, and dark clothes.»

They found each other, and most importantly, Persephone loved her father’s new love.

What a beautiful story! Thank you, Richard, for doing what it took and for everything you do for your little Persephone!»

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