Britain’s 71-year-old glamour model posed in the same bikini she wore more than 40 years ago

Nowadays, naturalness is trending, and it is possible to become a model at absolutely any age. But if in advertising campaigns for clothing, accessories and cosmetics a woman in age is not uncommon, then swimwear and underwear on a non-young body still cause a barrage of controversial comments and even criticism.

Britain’s oldest female model is 71 years old. Her name is Susie Monty and she comes from Cornwall. After a 20-year break she decided to start modeling again, and now Monty is often invited to take part in various shoots, and she is not shy to shoot even candid photo shoots. And her figure allows her to do so – at a height of 170 centimeters Monty wears a size 38.

“People don’t believe that my hair is mine, but it is real. I’ve never had it dyed and it’s still thick and dark and goes all the way down to my waist.

“I keep fit by doing lots of walking and love to cook and bake. I don’t feel old, I still feel like I’m 21.”

Suzy has been modelling for the past 50 years but now steps in front of the camera less often – opting to only work with people she trusts.

In her 20s, Suzy won Miss Cornwall Bikini and Miss Cornwall swimwear contests but had to overcome a tumour diagnosis in her 60s – which she was worried she might not survive.

“Luckily it was benign but I’m just grateful to still be on this planet,” she said.

The secret of her youthfulness is her genes and a healthy lifestyle. She also tries to avoid the sun’s aggressive effects on her skin, and Sue keeps fit by exercising. But smiling more often and enjoying life are her two most important rules.

“Age is only in your head. You are as young as you feel. You should never think that if you are old, your dreams are not meant to come true. I don’t feel old, I still feel like I’m 21,” Susie revealed.

“I meditate every day and feel blessed to still have my dark long hair and figure.

“My husband, John, 74, are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary next year and he’s always been a massive support.”

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