Expectant mother captures a stunning photograph — but notice who appears to the right.

In anticipation of their upcoming child, Dan Mozer, a soon-to-be father from Florida, took advantage of the moment to capture maternity pictures of his wife, Angelina, at Atlantic Beach. While Angelina posed against the ocean backdrop, Dan captured a series of shots, unexpectedly seizing a moment where a dolphin leaped out of the water in one frame.

Being aware of the presence of dolphins in the vicinity, the couple was pleasantly surprised by the serendipitous moment. Although Angelina didn’t witness the dolphin’s leap herself, she welcomed their son, Courtland, on January 27th.

In a playful gesture, the couple humorously credited Courtland for summoning the dolphin from the womb in the extraordinary photo. Choosing to maintain his name as Courtland instead of opting for «Dolph Finn,» the enchanting photograph serves as a cherished reminder of their love and the unforeseen surprises that add an extraordinary touch to life.

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