Grandma thought she was taking care of three kittens until her grandson noticed that one of them wasn’t a cat at all

A guy named Eric Hertlein decided to visit his beloved grandmother in Kansas. She told him that she sheltered several stray cats and let them sleep in the house. When her grandson arrived, he suspected something was wrong, as one cat was very different from the others.

It turned out to be a small possum that had been pretending to be a cat the whole time. Grandma was very surprised to learn this news, because she even gave this “kitten” a name. Apparently the possum was orphaned, and circumstances led him to people and a warm cat bed. The grandmother decided to keep the animal, because it does not bring any trouble and does not require additional care. We offer you a look at this little trickster.

One of the furry friends, whom Grandma named Tete, was clearly different from the other cats.

Actually, Tete wasn’t a cat at all. It was a possum, and Grandma had no idea!

“She assured me it was one of her cats. I laughed for five minutes,” Eric says.

The grandmother did not believe her grandson until he showed her the animal’s pointed nose and thin tail. In the end, it was decided to keep Tete, since he was harmless and didn’t require any special care. This story ended well for everyone!

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