While adults were thinking, a 12-year-old girl rushed into the water and saved two drowning children

We are all usually sure that only an adult can do heroic deeds and great accomplishments. And a child — well, what can he do? Except to call for help or to run after their parents.

But to underestimate children is a very big mistake. Because there are cases when they are much braver and smarter than any adult around them. And manage to accomplish the most real feats.

You don’t believe me? Then meet Lida, a very ordinary schoolgirl. And what’s so amazing about her, you ask?

For example — the fact that with a broken arm she pulled two drowning seven-year-old children out of the river. And not in a deserted wilderness, and on the local beach — while the great-aged vacationers were piling up their life experience and making informed decisions about their participation in the event.

In the small village, the beach is the most popular vacation spot. So it is not surprising that Lida and her friends spent their time there. That day some children were playing in the water, to no one’s surprise.

But at some point one of the boys playing in the water was caught by the current and began to drift away. He tried to swim out on his own, but realized that he couldn’t cope, and then he started shouting for help. While the rest of the group was comprehending what was happening, Lida rushed into the water.

She managed to pull him out of the water — and only then did the adults start to gather around them. The noise made all those who were in the water run to the shore — and only then it became clear that another girl could not cope with the current, and she too was carried away by the water currents.

Without even having time to breathe, Lida immediately rushed after her — this time someone who was on the shore thought of throwing her in the wake of a life jacket, and with his help a brave girl pulled out the drowning girl.

Do you think — that’s all?

No — in the situation, as it turned out later, there were two more completely unexpected surprises.

Imagine that!

The first surprise was that the parents of both children, who were in danger and could easily drown, had been on the shore the whole time! But they did not go into the water themselves — they were waiting for a 12-year-old schoolgirl to do everything for them.

And the second surprise. A few days before the incident Lida injured her arm, and on the day of the incident before the beach just went to the doctor. X-rays revealed a fracture in her arm, and she knew it. But despite the severe pain — still she threw herself into the water, not sparing herself to save the lives of others.

About all this Lida said nothing to any of her relatives — the modesty of heroes sometimes just amazes. And parents are also amazed — when they learn about what their daughter has done not from her, but from the local newspaper!

Of course, the story did not go unnoticed, but the savior could not be found at once — she simply went home without waiting for praise. But nowadays you can’t hide anything from the Internet — there were posts, which were seized by journalists — but only in late fall they managed to find her, and everyone got acquainted with the modest girl.

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