8-year-old girl sees her baby brother kidnapped and risks chasing the kidnapper to save him

One fine day in March, three siblings were hanging out in the park near their babysitter’s house in the small town of Sprague, Washington, USA. Ten-year-old Brenden Wright, eight-year-old Delicia Wright and 22-month-old Owen Wright were playing with no signs of trouble.

Little did they know what awaited them around the corner. After a while, Delicia said a suspicious-looking man approached her and her siblings and tried to speak kindly to them. Not only that, but he also went out of his way to befriend the children, the little girl added.

Something wasn’t right

But the eight-year-old knew better than to trust a complete stranger. Brenden said she could sense the man wasn’t as nice as he wanted to seem.

Her instincts proved correct as he grabbed her little brother, Owen and then ran off with the boy.

As the kidnapper ran down the street with the little boy in his arms, he was caught on surveillance footage from a nearby grocery store. In the same video, a little girl could be seen running after him as fast as her tiny legs would allow. But that was not all.

Another boy followed behind the girl with a stroller in his hands. The two children were none other than Owen’s older siblings, Brenden and Delicia.

Instead of panicking and thinking about their safety, the brave and quick-thinking kids put fear aside. They decided to chase the bad guy to rescue their little brother.

«I thought he was trying to kidnap him. I ran and screamed,» Delicia told ABC News.

To the rescue

Like his brave sister, Brenden said he wasn’t scared and immediately sprang into action, wanting to save his little brother’s life as quickly as possible. He recalled:

«I was chasing him because I had to get him back to go to my cousin’s birthday.»

As the two older siblings ran after the fleeing kidnapper with their little brother, their screams attracted the attention of two passersby, who decided to help. Brenden and Delicia eventually received help from members of the community, and one of them called 911.

Two teenagers who had heard the children’s cries for help also began chasing the kidnapper. When the kidnapper saw that his action had attracted the attention of so many people around him, he panicked, left the child in a vacant lot, and fled the scene.

Kathleen Baty, a personal safety expert, shared that making noise and calling for help are the best things to do in an emergency.

«Instill in your kids that when they’re out in public, if any adult approaches them, they should have that gut reaction and go to the other side and scream and yell as loud as they can,» she said.

Police identified the suspect and according to reports, he was charged with second-degree kidnapping.

Proud father

Recalling the details of her brief encounter with the kidnapper, Delicia said he lied to her, said he was very nice to children and had been babysitting for a long time. But the question was: why were the children alone in the park?

Michael Wright, the children’s father, said he had left them in the care of a family friend who thought they would be safe in the park near her home.

«I don’t blame her. That was a mistake,» Michael added.

The parents of the three children said they were relieved that the kidnapper had been apprehended and happy that their children were safe.

Michael said he was incredibly proud of his his children for running to help their little brother. He revealed:

«That my kids ran after the kidnapper, you know, that’s an act of bravery.»

Praising the little heroes

A kind stranger rewarded Delicia and Brenden with a special gift. The siblings received two envelopes containing $100 each and personalized messages.

Delicia’s note read:

«You seem to fly as you run down the sidewalk on your tiny legs, but I suspect your real superpower is the love you have for your baby brother.»

On the other hand, the missive to Brenden had written:

«You did what needed to be done without thought for your own safety. You helped rescue your little brother and, in doing so, became a real-life superhero.»

The siblings laughed and jumped for joy as they received their gifts. In fact, little Owen is lucky to have two adorable superheroes looking out for him. The Wright siblings’ brave act proves that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

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