A 5-year-old girl is going to sing Sinatra; she chose a surprisingly mature rendition…

No one can interpret «My Way» like Frank Sinatra. So when 5-year-old Sophie Fatu took the stage and faced a huge crowd, she sang it her way.

During the show, the little one chose a surprisingly mature, ultra-passionate, and frankly adorable rendition of Frank Sinatra’s classic «My Way.»

Believe it or not, the little girl wowed everyone and even caught the attention of the top talent scouts in the country!

She may have a huge audience in front of her and be the smallest person on stage, but Sophie Fatu doesn’t falter, not for a second. First of all, hats off for remembering all the words!

The clip below is arguably Sophie’s first public appearance in front of such a vast audience.

And if you’ve never watched it before, you’re going to love seeing Sophie in the video below. I really think there’s no limit to the success of this preschool-aged little girl.

Something tells me everyone can appreciate this!

Simply amazing, fantastic! You do it with all your heart, Sophie, great job! Frank Sinatra would be proud.

It’s surprising that a four-year-old has the courage to stand in front of a packed room and perform! Just standing up in front of that crowd is braver than I would be…

Feel free to share Sophie’s unique rendition of «My Way» with your friends so they can witness her musical joy too!

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