A father whose young daughter died of cancer has memorised her last message by tattooing it on his body.

A man, desiring to cherish the memory of his late daughter throughout his life, decided to tattoo her final words on his skin. Sadly, his beloved daughter passed away at a tender age due to cancer. In an effort to perpetuate her memory, the affectionate father chose to immortalize the last words from a note she had given him through a tattoo.

In a post on social media, the man said: «My daughter drew this for me before she died of cancer, and now I wear it on my skin».

The heartfelt words «I love you, Dad», written next to a picture of the girl, which appears to be her final words, have been shared and have left people feeling very sad.

Netizens, who were truly moved by the story, have spoken out:
What’s up, @Whats4_T_MattyD? This made me want to cry. As parents, we tend to miss the little things. Even waking my kids up in the morning is something I’ll always remember and love.

Twitter user @GrazaWhu: I can’t even imagine what it must be like to go through something like that. He might feel better after doing this.
Tweet from @DragonLord1975: I think I saw something like that on InkMaster a long time ago. It makes your heart tremble. The tattoo isn’t just a lasting mark; it also shows that a father and child will always have a strong bond. That’s the important point.

@RedBloodYNWA: Breaks my heart. I had to go into my girls’ room, wake them up, and give them a tight hug after I saw that. I can’t figure out how people find the strength to move on after something like that.

@Steve Leavy: It breaks your heart and gives you hope at the same time. The strength shown is beyond anything I could have thought of. Rest in peace, your daughter. I’m going to tell God how thankful I am that I still have my kids. Kudos to you!

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