A girl who looks just like Rihanna surprised the social networks and even the singer herself.

As a rule, celebrity look-alikes are found by ordinary people who happen to meet them in the street or in public places.

But it has never happened before that a star found her own copy on the Internet.

Singer Rihanna, while browsing Instagram, saw a picture of a little girl who looked just like herself.

The singer was shocked by what she saw, she posted the photo on her page and wrote:

«I even almost dropped my phone. What do you think?»

The star’s followers thought she was kidding around and just posted a photo of herself as a child. But when they realized that this is not true — experienced a real shock.

Many celebrities also reacted to the existence of a mini Rihanna.

Snoop Dogg bluntly asked the singer when did she have her baby? And Miranda Kerr liked the picture of the baby girl so much that she captioned it «Charming.»

Who this girl was and what her name was, it wasn’t hard to find out. It turned out that Mini-Rihanna’s name is Ala and she is a model.

After Mini-Rianna became known to the public, her Instagram page was subscribed by more than 10,000 people. And it is quite possible that this girl will have a good future in the modeling business, and the number of her followers will only grow.

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