A hungry five-year-old calls 911 to get a Happy Meal, and an officer helps deliver an «urgent» meal for him.

A hungry young boy in Arizona decided to call 911 for a Happy Meal and the Mesa Police Department stepped in to help him. The Mesa Police Department says 5-year-old Charlie called the local 911 operator and politely asked if he was talking to McDonald’s. «Hello, is this McDonald’s?» asks Charlie, according to audio of the call. Bonilla responds, «No, this is the Mesa Police Department. Do you have an emergency?»

«Can I have a McHappy Meal?» Charlie says before quickly hanging up. However, to verify whether or not there was an emergency at the child’s home, Anthony then made a follow-up call and spoke with Charlie’s father. The boy’s father explained that the hungry child must have used his phone and assured the 911 operator that everything was fine. In a follow-up call, Bonilla speaks with Charlie’s father, who assures them that there is no emergency at their Mesa home and that Charlie must have picked up the phone.

«It made me smile,» Bonilla tells Charlie’s father, «He asked me if I was McDonald’s and if he could have a Happy Meal.» Bonilla told Charlie’s father that, due to official protocols, an officer would be sent to his home for a wellness check.
Bonilla said, «Who knows, maybe he’ll go to McDonald’s.» Indeed, the intervening officer, Randolph ‘Scott’ Valdez, brought Charlie an afternoon snack. After confirming that there was no emergency in the house, Officer Valdez gave Charlie the Happy Meal he «ordered» and the boy couldn’t have been more thrilled.

She also talked to Charlie to help him determine when he should call 911, and it’s definitely not when he’s craving a hamburger. According to Charlie’s mother, Kim, they were shocked when they realized the boy had called 911 for a Happy Meal. «When we found out Charlie had called 911, we were a little shocked and very embarrassed! I didn’t even know he knew what 911 was!

However, she was relieved when the officer took Charlie’s call with kindness.
The Mesa Police Department shared the sweet moment on its Facebook page and received more than 1,200 likes as of Thursday. As for Kim, she is grateful for Officer Valdez’s kindness and generosity in surprising Charlie by handing him the Happy Meal he wanted and helping him understand what 911 is.
Valdez and Bonilla were also praised by Police Chief Ramon Batista.

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