A mother of 16 children from North Carolina is pregnant again. She has three sets of twins and wants more children

Families are different and they are all special and extraordinarily beautiful in their own way. Some parents especially enjoy keeping a small family, while others prefer to have a house full of children.

The family in today’s story is an example of how the most difficult tasks can lead to the most moving results.

Patty and Carlos Hernandez are not just another couple. They live in North Carolina and have a large household of 18 members. In fact, every day is filled with new challenges, surprises and endless excitement for the family, and there is almost never a dull day.

The couple has 16 children and runs a commercial cleaning business to support their family. The children’s names begin with the letter «C» in honor of their dedicated and hard-working father, Carlos, 39.

Patty, 40, has spent 14 years of her life pregnant. She and Carlos have six sons and 10 daughters, and six of them are sets of twins.

The siblings include Carlos Jr, 14, Christopher, 13, Carla, 11, Caitlyn, 11, Cristian, 10, Celeste, 10, Cristina, 9, Calvin, 7, Catherine, 7, Caroll, 4, Caleb, 5, Caroline, 5, Camilla, 4, Charlotte, 3, Crystal, 2 and Clayton, 1.

Patty and Carlos gave birth to Clayton in May 2021 and said they did not rule out the possibility of having more children. For the record, the Hernandez couple gained popularity in 2019, but since then they have added two more little ones to their family.

The mother of such a large family admitted that taking care of so many children can be a difficult task, but she was delighted and considered it a blessing. Patty revealed that after almost three months of her last pregnancy, she was conceiving again and was always happy when she was pregnant.

In January 2019, the ecstatic mom gave a glimpse into her family’s daily routine.

The Hernandez family’s day began at 8 a.m., when Patty would prepare a healthy breakfast of cereal, waffles or pancakes. Once breakfast was over, the children would practice the Christian devotional, which consisted of praying, singing and reading together.

Shortly thereafter, the school-going children boarded the school bus and left, while Patty stayed home to finish her chores and care for her little ones. The busy mom explained:

«I try to do everything while they are at school because that’s when I have the most free time. If I have an appointment, I take them all with me.»

The older children finished their homework after school and were home by six. Then the whole family sat down and ate dinner at their sixteen-seat table, which included pasta, eggs, beans and salad. After dinner, the children said their prayers and played a little until bedtime at 8:30.

Although Patty and Carlos already have many children, it seems that they are not done expanding their home as they are expecting their 17th child — a baby boy — with a due date of March 2023.

The woman said that she plans to give birth to an even number of children — ten boys and ten girls. Patty declared that she was very fertile and trusted God for the future. She stated:

«We always wanted a big family, but we never thought God would bless us so much.»

Earlier, Patty revealed that she and Carlos wanted to name their child Carter if it was a boy and Clair if it was a girl. The North Carolina resident said she wanted to continue the tradition of naming her children with the letter «C» even in the future.
Although the Hernandez couple never planned to have so many children, they are happy to be parents and are determined to continue.

In fact, since expanding their family, the devoted parents have changed their 16-seat vehicle and purchased a 20-seat bus, which Patty uses to take the kids to school.

Despite the importance of their home, the couple said they don’t worry about expenses and work hard to provide for their children. According to Patty, she and her husband have never used contraception. She expressed:

«I leave everything to God. If he wants us to conceive again, so be it.»

The pregnant woman revealed that she is often judged for her choices, but does not pay attention to the criticism. On the contrary, she feels blessed for her family.

The Hernandez family has a large house with five bedrooms, where the older children have bunk beds, and the younger ones have a nursery with cribs.

According to Patty, she and Carlos spend nearly £780 (about $895) a week on food, mostly for school lunches. Despite this, the couple hopes that after their 17th child, they will be lucky enough to have another.

While expanding their family has been an exciting experience, it has also meant more household chores for Patty, who said she has taught the older children to participate and has assigned them daily chores.

The woman noted that she does laundry four times a week, has a thousand clothes to wash, and spends nearly five hours folding them every other day. Despite the challenges and criticism, Patty and Carlos love their beautiful family and wouldn’t have it any other way.

We hope the Hernandez family continues to cherish their lovely children and lead a happy, healthy and beautiful life together.

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