A woman adopted two children a year apart, and it turned out that they were siblings

This incredible story took place in Colorado.

One day, Miss Page adopted a boy and a year later a girl. She never imagined that the babies would be siblings.

After the woman divorced her husband, she decided to change her life drastically. She changed where she lived, her job, and her surroundings. She went to the church and became a caregiver for children who had been abandoned by their parents.

At first this work depressed her a lot, it was hard for her. But gradually she got used to it and fell in love with the process. Soon the woman realized that she wanted to adopt a baby from the center. He was four days old. His mother had abandoned him. During her pregnancy, she was heavily into drugs. Fortunately, the baby’s health was not affected in any way.

Miss Page took custody of the boy. She named him Grayson, while all the social services searched for his real parents. The search was unsuccessful, and the woman was served with adoption papers. So, Grayson officially became her son.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. A few days later, Ms. Page received a call to pick up another baby girl from the center. She had been dropped off at the same hospital. The woman felt she had to have this baby for herself.

Miss Page finally met the baby girl. And the most amazing thing was that the little hand had a bracelet with the same last name of her parent as Grayson’s.

The woman found the address of Hannah’s biological mother (that’s the girl’s name) and met her. She said she knew nothing about her son and that she was expecting her third child.

Kathy Page informed her handler. He did some checking and confirmed that the boy and the girl were related.

Well, that’s not the end of the story.

After all, soon the wayward mother gave up her third child as well. And Kathy Page is already filing for custody.

— Then my large family will be complete! — smiles a happy Page.

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