A woman became a mother at 66: 15 years later, what does her daughter look like now?

Late childbirth doesn’t surprise anyone when it’s a 40-45 year old woman. But today our story will be about a heroic mother. Because in addition to giving birth at 66, she had to go through a lot of bad moments, including unflattering opinions of others and fighting against all those who told her that it was just not realistic!

A photo of this elderly mother and child went viral all over the Internet in an instant. Today we will see how this family’s life has turned out after many years. This woman’s name is Adriana Iliescu. It so happened that our heroine was single all her life, but like any normal woman of course she dreamed of having a child and of course she wanted to be a mother. As the years passed and she realized that she would most likely never be a mother, but one day at the age of 65 she found out that fate had given her a chance. When she realized that she was pregnant, of course, given the woman’s age, she was immediately told that she would not be able to give birth to a child. And even during her pregnancy she regularly listened to stories that it was better to have an abortion. Everyone, absolutely everyone without exception from relatives and acquaintances repeated only one thing: it is not necessary to give birth. However, our heroine did not want to get rid of the future baby and did not even want to think about it. She told the doctors that she would definitely have a baby and no matter how they dissuaded her, the woman did not change her decision.

That’s how a tiny baby girl was born in 2005. Adriana gave birth to her without any complications, a perfectly healthy baby. But as you have already understood, after that a new milestone came in her life. It was not easy for a woman, because she had to bring up her daughter on her own, and in order to feed herself and the baby Adriana also had to go to work, and at 66 years of age. In addition, the child required care, long constant trips to the doctor, sleepless nights, all this is often difficult for a young woman. But Adriana didn’t give up and didn’t regret her decision for a second. The retired woman surrounded her baby girl with care and attention, despite the fact that she had almost no free time in her retirement.

The girl grew up cheerful and didn’t even know her mother was any different from other mothers. Until her friends at the day care center started asking about the grandmother who comes to pick her up. And by the way, it wasn’t surprising at all why everyone thought Adriana was a grandmother. Everyone was amazed at her mother being so grown up, but the girl didn’t care at all. She just loved her mother and thought she was the best, and so she grew up like the other children without feeling deprived. It was exactly the same surprise at school when everyone thought Adriana was a grandmother. But when the girl’s friends began to understand who their friend Ilyeska was, they were sympathetic. In any case, the girl never complained about the jokes and taunts associated with the age of her mother. Moreover, many parents of classmates and teachers even admired her active life position. After all, she was always aware of what was going on at school. And the age difference between her parents did not make a difference at all.

Many people might think that the difference of 66 years between her daughter and her mother is very big, but when you look at the pictures of this cheerful couple, you realize that this is not true at all. Adriana was able to become not only the best friend for her daughter, who always supports and understands her, but also a good mother. At 75, she had to master the Internet and other things, and by the time she’s 80, she can easily hold a conversation with the younger generation. Of course she’s had to learn a lot, but as Mom herself says:

«It makes me younger, sometimes I get so involved with certain things that I completely forget that I’m past my ninth decade.»

Fifteen years have passed since her daughter was born, and today the girl is a beauty. Anna is healthier than many of her peers. She is cheerful, active, and also the girl looks a lot like a younger version of her mother. Looking at the photos, you realize that this is really it. As a teenager, the daughter is not at all embarrassed by her parent’s advanced age and still spends a lot of time by her mother’s side. After all, she understands that she doesn’t have a closer and dearer person in the whole world.

Adriana, in turn, dreams of seeing the day when her little girl gets married. Then she will have peace of mind, because as you understand, the mother is now 81 years old and let’s very much hope that her dream will come true and she will not only marry her daughter, but she will also have time to babysit her grandchildren. Indeed, nature sometimes surprises us with its miracles. It would seem that what children after 60 years? But Adriana really proved to everyone that the impossible is possible. Of course, many condemn the woman saying that at such an age, she risked leaving the child without parents. But at the same time, she enjoys every day of her life and does not pay attention to the opinion of others.

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