A woman has turned her home into an animal shelter that already houses 1,100 cats

At first the woman took in fifteen cats. But as time went on, there were more and more of them.

A 70-year-old American woman named Linea Lattanzio loves animals so much that she gave them her home. And the woman herself settled in a van, near her former home.

Linea is a veterinarian by profession. She once decided to shelter fifteen cats, not realizing that soon there would be 1,100 of them.

To provide for so many cats, the mustachioed lover sold her cars and her jewelry. Her house literally became a shelter for homeless kittens. Now she has volunteers helping her.

A woman spends about a thousand dollars a month to provide the animals with food and necessities

Despite so many animals, the woman feels happy. The American has already found families for many of them.

It is the dream of every homeless animal.

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