A woman hears the sound of a door opening and thinks her boyfriend has come home early: but then she realizes that a stranger is in front of her

The Redditor with the username heartx3jess posted on the Reddit forum «Let ‘s Not Meet» about the situation. She narrated that she first thought it was her boyfriend coming home.

The narrator’s boyfriend was a teacher, and since it was Tuesday, she knew his last class ended after 1pm. That meant he would be home around 2:30 pm. They had had an argument, so he seemed very keen to make up for his mistakes.

According to the Redditor, she no longer remembers what they had fought about, but she does remember that it had been one of those arguments that cause the couple not to talk or text each other. She was in bed working when she heard the front door slam shut.

The woman thought it was odd because she knew her partner would be home later. However, she assumed that for some reason he must have skipped his last class, something that occasionally happened.

«So I kept lying in bed and doing my work and waiting for him to come in and change his clothes. I was lying there, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting for him to finally come in,» she recounted.

She had her headphones half on and was lying on the bed doing her work. The bedroom door was closed, but she could hear heavy footsteps outside. She thought it was odd for her boyfriend to be walking around the apartment like that.

It wasn’t the familiar sound of his footsteps. Since the narrator was still angry about the earlier fight, she overlooked the strangeness and stood there waiting for her partner to appear. Moments later, she noticed her bedroom door barely ajar.

She intended to give her boy a sarcastic smile. She looked through the door, which was a crack open, and saw a woman’s hand with red painted fingernails on the knob.

She stood frozen in place as whoever was outside her room closed the door without entering. The girl was terrified and her head filled with questions.

«Could it have been his mother?» she thought, «His sister, the landlady?». In any case, she rationalized and told herself it had to be her partner’s mother.

She rushed out the bedroom door and gaped at the empty living room that smelled strongly of women’s perfume. It was then that she came to her senses and realized that her boyfriend’s mother and sister had never had keys to their house or visited them before. She was also sure that her landlady would never break into her house without permission.

She was filled with dread. She ran to her room and locked the door. She called her boy from the balcony and asked him if her mother or sister had come unannounced, but he said no. He warned her to stay where she was, then immediately called the police.

A few minutes later, the girl heard the doorbell ring. She knew it would be the police and ran from the rainy balcony to the front door to let them in. They scanned the house but found no one. It was a very uncomfortable moment.

The young woman checked to see if anything was missing, but everything was intact, including a jar of money in the doorway. She guessed that the intruder would have left in fright when she saw her in the bedroom.

Besides, she was sure no one could have opened the front door without a key. She assumed it had to be the landlady. The lady was out of town at the time and not answering her phone, so it was logical for this young woman and her boyfriend to suspect her.

The police advised the girl to change the locks on the front door. Just as she was about to do so, she noticed there were marks on the keyhole indicating that someone had used tools to open it.

The young woman was just beginning to calm down about it when, days later, her boyfriend told her, «I have something to tell you, but don’t panic.»

He told her that her orange scissors had disappeared from the kitchen. They went around the house looking for them, but six months after the event they had not been able to find them. The girl was deeply affected by the experience, and by the enigmatic fact that only a pair of scissors disappeared, with nothing of value missing.

After reading her story, several people found her situation frightening, particularly when she described the hand with red painted fingernails. «I don’t know why, but the hand with a bit of red fingernails scares me too,» stated Redditor Shadow_Fyres.

«It’s strange, but every time I sit in the living room watching TV, I leave the door slightly open for the dog to get in and out,» another user wrote, adding:

«Sometimes at night, I’m convinced I’m going to see a hand wrapping itself around the edge of the door. I don’t know why, but the thought really freaks me out.»

«Tell your boyfriend to call or text you when he gets home so you can open the door,» advised one Redditor.

Tell your boyfriend to call or text you when he gets home so you can open the door,» advised one Redditor.

Still scared remembering the nightmare, she said she was not suspicious of her landlady after meeting her in person.

«She’s around 70 years old, and the hands I saw were definitely not old,» she recounted.

As for the intruder, she never reappeared.

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