A young man finds mysterious tools in his grandparents’ house

A young man recently went through his grandparents’ belongings after their passing and showed an interesting find to one of his friends.

The two men didn’t know what these metal objects could be until they found information online.

The metal sticks are actually nutcrackers! Probably dating back to the 1940s or 1950s, this type of nutcracker is used to extract the nut from its shell.

They allow access to the edible part of any nut, but they are particularly common for aiding in properly eating a chestnut.

Nutcrackers of this type were often part of similar sets of tools for seafood, which included instruments for cracking shellfish shells as well as picks for extracting the meat.

The nutcrackers were often accompanied by a matching wooden bowl, designed to resemble a chestnut.

Many of us and our grandparents had similar tools at home, with fond memories attached to them!

Have you ever had nutcrackers or picks like these? Share your best memories in the comments!


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