An old lady adopts a lost little boy with a note in his pocket, his mother returns 13 years later

Sheila was a 65-year-old woman who lived with her husband Floyd. One day, as they were walking down the street after a quick trip to the grocery store, she saw a little boy, alone and disoriented.

She realized that the boy was lost, as he was crying and had no adult around. She decided to approach the boy to see how she could help him.

«Are you okay, honey? Where’s your mommy?» asked Sheila. The boy, who appeared to be about four years old, simply shook his head.

» She was crying and said, ‘Goodbye, son,'» the boy replied.

Sheila realized the boy had been abandoned and decided to take him home while she called the police.
«I know you’re scared, sweetheart, but everything is going to be okay. I’m Sheila, and I’m going to help you, okay?»

The boy nodded and started to move closer to her. She told him they would wait at home and she would call people who could help.

When she arrived home, she made a sandwich and juice for the boy, who introduced himself as Roy. She then called the police and explained the whole thing.

After a few minutes, the police arrived on their doorstep. Roy hid behind Sheila, who did all the talking.

«I found this note in his pocket,» she said, handing it to the police.
«The note says, ‘I can no longer support my child. He is better off without me. I’m sorry, Roy.»

«While we are looking for his mother, we should send him to an orphanage,» they said.

«Orphanage? No! My mum says that’s where children who don’t behave well go,» he cried.

Sheila also objected to this idea.

«I am willing to become his foster family until we find his mother. If we don’t find her, then I will do whatever it takes to legally adopt him,» says Sheila.

Sheila raised Roy alongside her husband Floyd, the same way they raised their children years ago. Their children had all moved away and were in different states with their own families.

Although they live modestly, Roy is grateful to have loving parents who care for him and provide him with everything he needs.

They went to the park on weekends, played together on the field and had family picnics. On weekdays, Sheila and Floyd also helped Roy with his homework and spent dinner talking together.

Despite this, Roy still thought about his birth mother and wondered where she was. He envied the other children who were in the arms of their loving parents while he was abandoned at such a young age.

Thirteen years later, when Roy was 17, something happened. His birth mother suddenly came to their home.

Dressed in designer clothes, she got out of a large armored SUV that Roy had only seen in the movies. She introduced herself as Roy’s mother, Lisa, and Sheila and Floyd were stunned.

«I have been working hard for ten years, hoping to live a better life than before. I have enough money now, and I can provide for my son. I just got married to a millionaire, and we are both ready to take my son back,» she explained.

Upon hearing this, so many things came back into Roy’s head. If he lived with his rich mother, he would have all the luxuries that he would only see in his classmates. He would have all the latest gadgets and could afford all the clothes and shoes he had always wanted.

Sheila looked at Roy and smiled.

«It’s your choice, honey,» she said, her voice breaking as tears began to fill her eyes.

Although she loved Roy dearly, she knew she had no right to take him away from his mother if he wanted to return to her.

Roy approached Lisa and said:

«I want to be with you. You’re my mom, and kids are supposed to grow up with their moms — moms who love and protect their kids,» he began. His biological mother pressed a hand to his chest, touched.

«But how can I trust someone who left me on the street, hoping someone would pick me up and take me to safety? I was left on the street like a stray dog,» Roy continued, his voice shaking.

«No, I refuse to go with you. I know what it feels like to be loved by a mother, and it’s no thanks to you. I will stay with the person who saved me, accepted me, and raised me to be who I am today,» he said as he walked over to Sheila and hugged her.

With that, Lisa left, heartbroken. The next day, she returned and gave Roy a check with a large sum of money.

«This is all I have under my name. I feel bad about leaving you on the street, and I feel like I owe you. Please accept it and build a good future for yourself,» she said before leaving.

Roy took it but decided not to do anything with the money. A few days later, Lisa returned and revealed that her husband had filed for divorce when he discovered she had given Roy her savings.

«I have nowhere to go,» she cried. «I’ve been begging on the street, but I feel like I don’t belong here. I will move to another city and find a life there. I just wanted to see you one last time,» she explained.

Roy looked at Sheila, who gave him an approving nod.

«Now you know what it feels like to be left on the street with nothing. You did the same to me,» he told her.

«But I wasn’t raised to be a selfish kid. My mom taught me to help those in need, so I’m offering my hand to you,» Roy said as he opened the door to their home a little wider.

«You can stay here with us for now,» Sheila adds.

After settling in, Lisa got a job at a local restaurant and began earning money for herself. When she made enough, she rented an apartment nearby and kept in touch with Roy and Sheila.

Meanwhile, Roy couldn’t use the money his mother had given him, so he gave it all to a fund that helped children abandoned by their parents.

Roy continued to live with Sheila and Floyd and studied hard to find a good job and give back to them.

He invited them to delicious restaurants and took them on trips whenever possible, and he also taught his own children the same values they had instilled in him.

In the end, Roy also forgave Lisa. Although they never became as close as he was with Sheila and Floyd, he still found time for her and made sure she lived comfortably, even while keeping some distance between them.

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