At an old millionaire’s funeral, young widow is startled to hear him knocking from the coffin

Pablo had just about everything a man could want in his life. He had a successful business, a beautiful family with a loving wife and daughter, and a wonderful home in a beautiful neighborhood.

But, sadly, his perfect life came crashing down one day when he learned that his wife and daughter had been killed in a fatal car accident.

Pablo was on a business trip at the time, but as soon as he received the devastating news, he returned home, hoping that it was all a bad dream that would end soon, but unfortunately it was not.

Pablo was devastated after losing his family. He became depressed, refused to do anything and stayed in bed for weeks. His company started losing money, but he didn’t care.

All he cared about was his family! He loved his wife Linda and daughter Clara, who would be waiting for him every night when he returned home.

When Pablo’s lawyer, Mr. Jones, saw him in such distress, he became very concerned and decided to visit him.

«Mr. Pablo,» he said. «I understand it’s hard to let go of what happened, but you have to. You can’t just throw everything away like that.»

«Jones,» Pablo said quietly. «At this point, I don’t care about anything. I want my wife and daughter back! We had such a lovely family! But everything…everything…just…. how could I…» Tears began to well up in Pablo’s eyes as he spoke.

Mr. Jones had been with him since the beginning of the company. They had been working together for almost 15 years at that point. He really cared about his condition and felt it was his responsibility to help him through this difficult time.

So he gradually began to approach him with office work to divert his attention from his family. Sometimes he would purposely make mistakes in the company’s reports, and when Pablo saw him one day, he was furious.

«Mr. Jones!» he shouted. «These reports are complete nonsense! If the employees continue to work like this, we’re going bankrupt!».

«That’s right, sir,» Mr. Jones indicated solemnly, pleased to have old Pablo back. «You must be present in the office, sir. None of the employees are working properly. We’ve got to do something about it!».

Pablo agreed and before he knew it, he was a workaholic again. He worked day and night to help his company get back on top.

Eventually, his efforts paid off to the point where Pablo became a millionaire. Making money was a simple task for him.

But there was one thing he was adamant about: he didn’t want love to re-enter his life. He had closed his heart after losing his wife and daughter. He swore he would never be hurt again.

Years later, however, when he turned 81, fate brought him Laura, a 23-year-old intern at his company who looked a lot like his late wife, Linda. She was a beautiful brunette with green eyes.

Pablo fell in love with her at first sight, and the young woman did not hesitate to accept the old man’s love. After a few dinners in exotic hotels and luxurious vacations in some parts of the world, Laura set her sights on the old man’s money and proposed to him.

Pablo said yes without hesitation, and the two were married in one of the most exquisite banquet halls in their city.

However, the old millionaire was no fool. He knew that Laura was not in love with him but with the millions of dollars he owned. But he really cared about her. She reminded him of Linda, and he wished he could stay with her until God called him.

Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed when Mr. Jones informed him that Laura was cheating on him with Kevin. His wife’s lover was also his business rival.

Mr. Jones had brought photos and Laura’s call log information, which showed that she and Kevin had been together for four months!

He could accept anything but betrayal, and he was determined to make Laura regret what she had done. So, when Laura approached him one night and invited him on a date night, Pablo accepted her invitation. The next night, they had a romantic dinner at a popular restaurant.

Pablo took a few sips of the wine the waiter had brought him and, before the food arrived, he was on the floor, unconscious.

Laura immediately called the ambulance and he was taken to the hospital. However, after hospitalizing him, she went to meet Kevin.

Pablo was so in love with Laura that he had left her his entire estate in his will, and Laura knew it. Then, on her way back, she was excited at the prospect of living a luxurious life with her husband’s money.

The doctors, on the other hand, pronounced Pablo dead because of a heart attack. The news reached Laura and the doctors asked her if she wanted an autopsy. She refused, pretending to cry inconsolably, saying she didn’t want anything.

Laura, overjoyed, pretending to be a grieving wife, planned her husband’s funeral in a luxurious mansion.

When Pablo’s coffin was carried inside, she stood beside him, sobbing uncontrollably. She was grief-stricken at the loss of her beloved husband. Those who approached her at the funeral assured her that all would be well.

Later, when Pablo’s coffin was carried to the cemetery, the priest asked her to come forward and say her final goodbye to her husband. Laura closed her eyes and clasped her hands together.

«Pablo, I loved you so much, honey. You were the most wonderful husband. I was extremely fortunate to have known you,» she said.

«I know we’re not physically together, but I hope you’re happy wherever you are,» she continued, her voice cracking. «I love you, sweetheart, and I hope to see you again in the next life,» she said as she finished her speech.

But at that moment, she heard a knock from inside the coffin.

At first, she dismissed it. But then there was another thump, and Laura knew it wasn’t her imagination this time.

«This…this can’t be…,» she muttered as the banging got louder.

Everyone at the funeral was now murmuring, confused by the situation, and Mr. Jones finally went to the coffin and opened it.

Laura froze in terror as Pablo got up from the coffin bed, coughing. Mr. Jones helped him out, after which the man exposed his wife in front of everyone.

«I’m sorry, everyone,» Pablo apologized. «I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but I had to do this to expose my wife, who is only interested in my money.»

«My lawyer suggested I divorce her, but I wanted to teach her a lesson. So I came up with a plan. My wife loved all the fame and money she was getting from me, so I thought I would expose her in her own way, in front of the public.»

That evening, Pablo revealed that Laura had planned to kill him to keep his money and that she was secretly dating his rival. He also claimed that he agreed to the dinner date because, with Mr. Jones’ help, he had identified the waiter who had accepted Laura’s bribe.

The wine was never poisoned, and the blackout and death was an act to expose the truth.

Pablo had also ordered Mr. Jones to bring the police to the scene to arrest Laura for her crimes. He turned over all the evidence he had, as well as the testimony of the waiter Laura had hired to poison the millionaire.

Kevin was also tracked down and arrested. And later, when it was all over, Pablo announced in front of the entire public that he had changed his will and would donate his entire estate to charity. Specifically to orphanages, to help children have a better life because he was an orphan himself.

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