At the age of 2, this little boy was awarded the title of the smartest child in the world.

Wrigley stunned everyone with his intelligence. You would not believe it, but Oscar’s IQ at two years old was over 160. In terms of intelligence the boy can be compared to Einstein! At such a young age he was accepted into the world’s most famous organization for people with high intelligence — the Oxford Mensa Club. What is the truth, if suddenly Oscar is faced with a choice: to go for a walk with friends or read another book, he would not hesitate to choose the second.

As the boy’s parents point out, practically since diapers, Oscar’s vocabulary amazed those around him. As early as nine months old, the little prodigy began to produce not only words, but even short phrases. And already at the age of 2 the boy was able to talk practically on an equal footing with adults about serious things that happen in our world.

Parents admire their child and even write down quotes from him. Once, when Oscar was a toddler, he dropped a phrase that discouraged his parents:

«Mom, sausages remind me of a party in my mouth.»

And that’s not all… The young talent’s father, IT specialist Joe Wrigley, tells us:

«Oscar recently tried to strike up a conversation with my wife about the reproductive cycle of penguins. The little guy is curious beyond his years and always just overwhelms us with questions. Every parent wants to believe that their child is special, but what we do know is that Oscar is clearly an extraordinary individual. I look forward to the day when he comes to me and tells me I’m an idiot. I won’t even be offended, honestly…»

But surprisingly, this is not the limit. The boy continues to develop, impressing those around him with his highest intelligence. He is sure to surprise mankind again and again, and perhaps make a lot of useful discoveries for people.

It should be noted that Oscar Wrigley is not the only child who has become a member of the Mensa Club. There are other extremely smart kids who have made it into this organization.

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