Diver dived to the bottom of Loch Ness Lake, but after taking pictures of the depths decided to rise quickly to the top

Diver and author of the popular «River Monsters» channel Jeremy Wade has never believed in the legends of the creation from Loch Ness Lake. For his own show, he decided to personally dive to the bottom of this water body and film its waters. However, already in the first minutes of filming in the depths, Wade decided to rise quickly to the surface, and his camera kept filming the whole time.

Enthusiasts have been searching for the legendary Nessie, the supposed inhabitant of a Scottish lake, for decades. No one has yet been able to provide proof of the existence of this creature, although many have «seen» it.

Wade specifically dived in the presence of witnesses who filmed everything from the shore. Their cameras filmed the relatively recent diver who had gone down abruptly and somewhat nervously reappeared on the surface.

Already in the boat the diver said that near the bottom the water in the lake becomes completely black. He did not calculate the distance and suddenly found himself near the target. At this moment it seemed to him that somewhere in the periphery of his vision a dark spot was moving toward him.

«It’s too dark, and yet that black stain somehow stood out. I can’t say for sure, maybe I was scared of the log. I won’t check yet,» Wade told the audience.

The depths of the lake are indeed too dark for documentary filming. It would have made more sense to lower a remote bathyscaphe with a camera and searchlight.

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