Elderly woman disappears from nursing home, doctors check security cameras

Susana was a nurse at a local nursing home, in addition to being the mother of a sick little girl. Little Rubi’s father died in a car accident, so Susana had to take care of her daughter on her own.

Between working extra shifts and taking care of Rubi, Susana had no time for romance. In addition, she was struggling to cover the cost of her daughter’s treatments.

Rubi had a tumor in her brain. It could be removed with surgery, but Susana simply didn’t have enough money for that. In the meantime, she put her daughter through chemotherapy to at least shrink the tumor.

It was a temporary antidote. The doctors urged her to take her daughter to the operating room to increase her chances of survival. And that was what Susana wanted to do more than anything in the world, but without money, it was impossible.

Things changed when an elderly woman was admitted to the nursing home one day. The hospital staff who dropped her off at the nursing home offered very little information about the new resident.

The woman spent some time unconscious, and apparently in a coma. Susana, who was in charge of her treatment, began to familiarize herself with her and her medical file little by little.

Everything seemed to be in order, except for one thing: the woman’s age. According to the paperwork, the woman’s name was Olivia, and she was 80 years old. But to Susanna, she appeared to be much younger than that.

The nurse decided not to share her doubts with anyone, for the time being. She guessed that someone must have gone to a lot of trouble to send a young woman to an old people’s home.

Susana did her best to care for Olivia. After several days in the nursing home, the woman finally opened her eyes and began to communicate with the staff.

The first thing she did was to beg Susana not to inform her family that she had woken up. The nurse agreed, although she did not fully understand the situation. Eventually, she asked Susanna the reason for her secrecy.

«My dear Susanna, that’s a long story,» Olivia said, reluctant to share her reasons.

«Good thing I have time!» replied Susanna, curious and determined.

Olivia decided to trust her, and told her everything. The next day, before Susana went into her first shift at work, the old woman had disappeared. The nursing home was in chaos when Susana arrived.

«What’s going on?» she asked a colleague. «Olivia disappeared,» several colleagues replied in unison.

«What!» exclaimed Susana.

«She simply wasn’t in her room during roll call and no one has seen her since. We’re all a little worried because there’s no way she could have moved on her own, which means she must have been kidnapped.»

«The doctors have requested the security camera footage to see what happened.»

Susanna feigned surprise, but discreetly slipped into the security booth.

All the doctors were standing behind the security guards, who were monitoring the footage from the nursing home’s cameras that morning. There was no sign of Olivia.

As they flashed back to the night before, they noticed something unusual: a beautiful woman in a white medical gown coming out of Olivia’s room in the wee hours of the morning.

«Zoom in on that woman!» one of the nursing home supervisors ordered.

When they zoomed in on the video, everyone was speechless with shock. The beautiful woman was Olivia! Somehow, she had radically changed her appearance.

The entire staff of the old people’s home began to postulate wild theories to explain the events. In the midst of all this speculation, Susana took the opportunity to discreetly leave the premises.

That night, she met Olivia at a luxurious hotel, far away from the nursing home.

«Thank you for all your help, Susana,» Olivia said. «I couldn’t have gotten out of that one without you.»

«That’s okay, I’m glad I was able to help. I just hope you hold up your end of the bargain,» said Susana.

«Of course! You’ll see,» Olivia replied.

They each went their separate ways. Susana went back to the nursing home to work the night shift, and Olivia went straight to the police station.

It turns out that Olivia is a powerful 60-year-old executive with no heirs. Her only relative was her nephew, Juan, a miserly man with a gambling problem.

A week before Olivia ended up in the old age home, Juan discovered that Olivia was going to name her assistant as her successor in the company. That led him to devise an evil plan to take over the business by force.

One day, Juan went to Olivia’s house and slipped dangerous pills into her drink while she was distracted. The drugs induced a heart attack that Juan assumed would be lethal.

He even waited several minutes before calling an ambulance. However, Juan did not know that Olivia was in perfect health, so she was able to survive the heart attack.

When she was in the hospital, the doctor announced that she was in a coma. Juan was delighted to receive this news, because it meant he didn’t have to deal with the guilt of having killed his own relative.

He quickly coordinated Olivia’s admission to the nursing home where she met Susana. The day she told her story to the nurse, Susana said she would help her, leaving some clothes, money and makeup in the room.

Olivia used these cosmetics to transform herself into the beautiful woman in a doctor’s gown who slipped out of the room unnoticed. In exchange, Olivia promised to help Susana with her daughter’s operation.

Soon after, Olivia was able to take revenge on Juan, who was arrested for attempted murder. She also kept her promise to Susana, and paid for her sick daughter’s surgery with the best doctor in town.

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