Following her heart, she married a guy with cancer, and three weeks later a real miracle happened.

Rob Muberry and his future wife Amanda met while working at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

Amanda worked as a waitress in the bar where Rob was the bartender. The young people liked each other from the first day they met.

Soon after the couple started dating, their relationship was destined to undergo a real test of strength.

Rob began to have unexplained ailments: he did not feel well and often complained of pain in the abdominal area. Just a year after meeting Amanda, he lost 30 kilograms in weight.

The couple was consulted by many doctors, but no one could tell exactly what the cause of Rob’s condition was.

Finally, one surgeon suggested exploratory surgery because «no healthy person can lose 30 pounds in a year.»

After the surgery, the couple received some stunning news.

Doctors were forced to tell the couple the terrible truth: Rob had colon cancer of the most serious kind. During surgery, the doctor removed a tumor the size of a fist.

Unfortunately, the cancer had already spread to his intestines, lymph nodes and bladder.

Doctors estimated that Rob had only a few weeks to live. That night, as the couple tried to sort out their thoughts, Rob realized there was no time to waste.

Amanda recounts:

«One night as I was lying in the hospital bed next to Rob, he turned to me and whispered: «I want to get married.»

«I immediately picked up, ‘And I want to get married!

Rob and Amanda were married just two days before the start of radiation therapy at the hospital.

After the wedding, Rob’s treatment began. However, after the first course of treatment, Rob’s condition showed no signs of improvement.

Instead of continuing radio and chemotherapy, the couple decided to take a break from traditional treatments and give Rob’s body time to rid itself of toxins.

In desperation, the couple turned to alternative medicines.

«We both changed our diets, going completely vegetarian, experimented with different herbs and even did coffee enemas,» Amanda says.

Doctors questioned their actions, because to date there is no scientific evidence that alternative methods can cure cancer.

However, just three weeks later, Rob returned for another examination, which showed that the cancer was 80 percent gone from his body.

And by December, there was no trace of the disease.

Rob’s story quickly spread around the world, and many people believe it was vegetarianism that helped him heal.

However, Rob himself doesn’t want to become the source of rumors that by becoming a vegetarian, one will definitely beat cancer.

He hopes that his example will inspire others to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

After Rob’s health improved, the couple decided to have children. Because of radiation therapy, they could not conceive naturally, so the couple turned to IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

After a difficult miscarriage, Amanda became pregnant with twins. So they became the happy parents of the long-awaited babies.

«It’s very hard to remember that just a few years ago things could have turned out differently. It just goes to show that love can work wonders,» Amanda says.

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