Incredible devotion: the dog was carrying a heavy bag with a child abandoned in the trash.

Stray dogs can be found absolutely everywhere in Bangkok. There are so many of them that the locals even chose the name «yard terrier» for them. But no one even imagined that an ordinary dog could be so smart.

His name is Pugh. As usual, he wandered aimlessly through the streets. Along the way, he came across an ordinary dump and, of course, headed there. But suddenly he heard a noise coming from a nearby trash can.

Pugh searched the trash and saw a package there. Crying could be clearly heard from the package. He picked up the heavy bundle with his teeth and headed towards the crowded streets. When he met the first person, he put the bundle in front of his feet and began to poke his nose and bark.

The man did not pay attention, thinking that it was some kind of garbage. But when he heard a squeak, he opened it and saw a baby in it!

Thank God, the child survived. According to doctors, without the brave Pugh, who dragged this knot for several kilometers, the child would not have survived.

The story quickly spread through the city, and Pugh became a real hero.

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