Kentucky father rushes from coal mine job to attend son’s first basketball game

Like many Americans, Michael McGuire is a hard-working parent trying to provide the best life possible for his family. The father works in the mines and makes many sacrifices for his wife and children, never imagining that his dedication would touch hearts.

Michael had a difficult and busy schedule that did not always allow him to be there for his son. However, he did his best to be there when he could, and no amount of coal dust could stop him.

Michael’s life in eastern Kentucky wasn’t always easy. He had to work hard to make ends meet, including working as a bolt maker for Excel Mines. This job allows his wife, Mollie McGuire, to stay at home and raise their children. She shared:

«There are a lot of times he misses events because of his job. So whenever he can be there, he does, even if he’s tired or dirty.»

Supporting his beloved offspring was all that mattered to Michael. So when his family bought tickets to the «Blue & White Scrimmage» at the Appalachian Wireless Arena in October 2022, nothing was going to stop him from attending with his son.

Michael had grown up watching sports with his father, and the tradition was treasured. He wanted to continue watching basketball games with his son.

On the weekend of Oct. 22, the father had to work late, and his wife recalls:

«He said, ‘I’m not going to have time to go shower or I’m going to miss most of the game with Easton.»

A photo of Michael and Easton quickly went viral online, with people naming the man as «Father of the Year.»

Still dressed in his work uniform and covered in soot from head to toe, Michael arrived in time for the basketball game. He may have had dirt on his face, but he had a lot of love and warmth in his heart.

Even though the father was tired, the smile on his face was unrepeatable. His son’s happiness was also evident as they enjoyed the game together. In the midst of the excitement, Michael had no idea how much attention his appearance was getting!

He was a father who was always there for his children, and his wife Mollie was proud of that. She expressed:

«He is the most selfless man alive and always puts his family first!»

A photo of Michael and Easton quickly went viral online, with people naming the man «Father of the Year.» His son was also mesmerized by his loving parent and no doubt learned a valuable life lesson.

The basketball coach at the event also noticed Michael and his son and offered them VIP tickets to another game. Mollie was in awe of the love and admiration, but she shined a spotlight on all the hard-working miners in America, saying:

«There are so many coal miners who don’t get noticed. So we’d like to say, from one mining family to all the others, your hard work and dedication matters, and you are appreciated!»

A father’s love is essential, and making his children a priority is something the little ones will always cherish. Easton is a lucky boy to have such a great father. We wish them many years of happiness together.

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