Loving mom turns daughter’s wheelchair into a Cinderella carriage for Halloween

Roslyn Breen lives with her loving family in Comstock Park, Michigan, USA. Her parents, Justin and Tiffany Breen, love her with all their hearts. In many ways, Roslyn is an extraordinary girl.

According to Tiffany, little Roslyn was not officially diagnosed, but fell into the general category of arthrogryposis. This is a muscle condition characterized by poor muscle tone and locked joints.

Because of her condition, little Roslyn has to use a wheelchair to get around, as she can neither walk nor stand. But through it all, Tiffany recognizes that her beautiful little girl is living her best life, making the community a better and worthwhile place.

A brilliant plan

The Michigan woman decided to make her little girl feel and look like a princess, so before Halloween arrived, she came up with a brilliant plan.

Tiffany said she was determined to take inspiration from her daughter’s favorite fairy tale and work her magic. And that’s just what the creative mom did.

Knowing how much Roslyn loved Disney princesses, Tiffany decorated her daughter’s wheelchair and turned it into Cinderella’s carriage for Halloween. The little princess even wore a Cinderella-themed dress and glass slippers.

Tiffany said she went to work to create the gorgeous glow-in-the-dark carriage. The loving mom explained that she used ribbon, tinsel and some battery-operated lights to decorate the wheelchair. She also used some household items, hula hoops and brads to help bring her beautiful creation to life.

Stylish Passenger

When Roslyn made her grand entrance in her sparkling princess attire, people were in awe of her captivating presence. Tiffany revealed:

«I wanted her to draw attention to herself in a positive way. A lot of times we get stares for different reasons.»

She also mentioned that her daughter stole hearts and captivated the crowd when she attended the «Zoo Goes Boo» event at the John Ball Zoo, Grand Rapids.

As three-year-old Roslyn enjoyed her carriage ride flaunting her unique style, people cheered and clapped for her the whole time. When Tiffany was asked why she decided to give her daughter’s wheelchair a Cinderella makeover, she replied:

«Roz will forever be my little princess. And she loves Disney and princesses, so Cinderella was definitely something we knew she wanted to be.»

In keeping with the charming tradition, Tiffany dressed her young daughter as Rapunzel the following year. Once again, Roslyn’s extravagant outfit and wheelchair beautifully decorated with floating lanterns baffled people, making her feel even more special.

The ice queen

For the third year of the tradition on Halloween, the Michigan resident bought her little girl a costume that would make her feel and look like an Ice Queen. Tiffany worked hard to turn her daughter’s chair into a magical ice throne, using leftover materials from the past two years’ themes. It took the doting mom a week to weave her magic.

When five-year-old Roslyn made her special appearance as Princess Elsa from «Frozen,» she was a force to be reckoned with. Here’s what the little princess had to say about her look:

«Mommy turned my chair into an ice throne.»

Tiffany said she really enjoyed using her creativity and making little Roslyn feel special and loved.

«People in our neighborhood really enjoy it, looking forward to seeing what we have up our sleeves,» she told Fox News 17.

Tiffany said her daughter’s vibrant spirit and infectious smile make her unique. And we couldn’t agree more.

The proud mother took to Facebook and shared the heartwarming news that Roslyn was crowned «Miss Wheelchair Michigan 2019.»

«Thank you to our friends and family who were able to attend! For those who didn’t, Roslyn was so much fun and spunky and stole the show at times with her excitement and joy!» she noted.

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