Mother of groom at Chinese wedding recognizes bride as her daughter lost 20 years ago

In just a few minutes, an almost ordinary wedding in China turned into a dramatic series that could be the envy of better movie scriptwriters. The groom’s mother accidentally discerned a familiar distinguishing mark on the bride’s hand and realized that her son was now going to marry her own daughter who had disappeared 20 years earlier.

Seeing the birthmark, the woman at first thought it was just a coincidence. But she decided to ask the bride’s father and mother if they were her biological parents.

The family was very surprised by the question, because they did not reveal their secret to anyone. But once the question was asked, they did not lie and told the woman their story.

It turned out that 20 years ago the couple had actually found a very young girl on a country road and took her into their family, raising her as their own daughter. When the bride heard the story, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

The joy of meeting her birth mother was only overshadowed by the prospect of the wedding being called off, but here another mystery was revealed.

It turned out that after losing her daughter, the woman had also raised a non-native child from an orphanage, so nothing interfered with the wedding.

In the end, the wedding took place, although the ceremony had to be postponed because everyone was too nervous on the first day.

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