One in a million: British couple has unique twin girls

The family of Nicole and Todd Bailey of Sheffield, UK, is raising two wonderful daughters, Harper and Quinn. They are twins. But they are very different. That’s because Harper is a special baby with Down syndrome. Experts say that one in a million babies is born with this genetic disorder.

Specialists could not recognize the baby’s illness while still in the womb. And everything became clear when Harper was born. She was born first, and her sister Quinn was born 38 minutes later.

After the birth, specialists apologized to the family for failing to notice the disorder. But the couple didn’t see Harper’s illness as a problem. And they don’t blame the specialists for anything.

Nicola does not dote on her baby girl. The mother of the wonderful girls is sure that they cannot be compared. Although they are sisters, they are very different.

Unfortunately, the genetic disorder is not the only problem of the girl. She was born with a heart defect, and at the age of 6 she will undergo a complex surgery.

The girls have an older brother who loves his sisters very much. He is waiting, for the girls to grow up and be able to keep him company in games.

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