Outraged woman with baby bursts into wedding ceremony shouting, «This man is my husband!»

They say the truth hurts. A married woman learned the hard way that the past always comes back to haunt you in ways you least expect.

It was supposed to be another normal day for Caroline Mubita, where she was taking care of her three children while her husband went on a work trip. The routine was normal in her household, as her husband worked for a government unit. However, it turned out that there was more to the story.

That day, Mubita’s neighbors told her that her husband was not working, but in church marrying another woman. The accusation infuriated Mubita, who decided to storm the wedding.

With her children in tow, Mubita headed straight to the altar and shouted:

«Father, this wedding cannot go on! This man here is my husband! I don’t know what is going on here.»

Mubita carried one of her children strapped on her back as she protested to the priest, claiming that she and her husband were not divorced, nor were they in a bad situation. She went on to say that her husband had left home that very morning and had said goodbye to go on a supposed business trip.

The groom’s family also knew about the wedding and supported the bride, who had allegedly been helping them financially for months.
The angry woman soon confronted a wedding guest, who demanded that she stop making a scene. While all this was going on, the groom, Abraham Muyunda, was holding his hands to his face, and his bride seemed unfazed by anything.

It turned out that the bride knew who Mubita was from the beginning. The groom’s family also knew about the wedding and supported the bride, who had allegedly been helping them financially for months.

In a post-fiasco interview, Muyunda revealed that he and Mubita had been separated since 2013. She left him when he had no job and reappeared when he finally had stable income.

It was also learned that his family preferred his new bride over Mubita, and that they were also involved in the preparations. Prior to the church ceremony, both families had gathered to attend the traditional wedding between the couple.

The bride, a wealthy woman, reportedly paid all the wedding expenses, and the couple planned to move to South Africa together after their wedding.

As to the actual status of Mubita’s marriage to Muyunda, there were conflicting opinions. The groom and his family maintained that the marriage had ended when Mubita left Muyunda years earlier after he lost his job. For them, although they were not legally divorced, the union was never the same.

However, from Mubita’s point of view, she felt cheated. Her husband was at home that very morning, and he lied about where he would be.

Aunque hace años dejó a su marido por motivos económicos, el hecho de que siguieran juntos significaba que él tenía la obligación de serle sincero.

In the end, the ceremony was interrupted and Muyunda was taken to the police station, where the two parties settled the matter privately.

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