Packer pays for a young mother’s purchase: as a reward, he receives a 12-month salary

Pedro was a hard-working and kind-hearted man. He worked at the grocery store as a packer and had recently gotten a second job as a night watchman.

He was working hard to help pay his friend Daniel’s medical bills and, at the same time, save money for his son’s schooling.

Daniel had recently become ill and his medical expenses were piling up, so Pedro decided to do what he could to help him. Working two jobs was difficult, but he did it every day with enthusiasm and a smile.

One day, the supermarket was full of customers because it was the end of the month. These were the days Pedro especially enjoyed. Yes, the work was plentiful and tedious, but there were always many different people coming into the store.

One of these people, a young woman named Angela, particularly caught Pedro’s attention. She was with her two children and seemed to have a lot on her mind.

While at the cash register paying for some groceries and snacks for the children, Angela realized she didn’t have enough money to pay. Dejected, she turned to her children and gently explained:

«I’m sorry, my babies. Mommy doesn’t have enough to buy you those candies right now, okay? You’ll have to give them back,» Angela said.

The children began to cry while Angela, distraught, did her best to calm them down. Pedro saw her and quickly offered to help.

«Don’t worry, ma’am. I can pay for the candy,» he said with a comforting smile.

«Oh, no. You don’t have to,» Angela said.

«I’m a parent, too, and I know what it’s like. Don’t worry about it. It will be my pleasure,» Peter insisted.

Angela was grateful for the man’s help. He was glad to see the children happy and Angela a little calmer. The next day, the mother returned to the store to give Pedro back the money he had contributed.

«No, ma’am. I can’t accept it. I didn’t do it expecting you to pay me,» the man insisted.

«Thank you very much for your kindness. It really means a lot. I’m getting a divorce, so things are a little difficult. I even had to borrow this money to pay you back. So, I really appreciate your gesture,» Angela explained.

«Listen, I completely understand. I work two jobs. A friend recently got sick and I’m trying to earn money to help him with his medical bills.»

«Plus, I’m saving money so my son can get into college. That’s why I understand you. Nothing comes easy,» Pedro said with a smile.

«Well, thank you again,» she said warmly.

«It’s my pleasure. We all have to help each other in any way we can,» the packer added.

Peter’s words touched Angela and she was thinking about them after she left the supermarket.

«This man has his share of problems, but he was still kind enough to help me,» she thought.

The more she thought about it, the more she knew she wanted to do something for the kind man.

Angela decided to open a crowdfunding account for Pedro in secret. Then, she wrote an inspirational post about him on Facebook, encouraging people to help raise money for the man. She set up the account beautifully, but there was no response.

She was discouraged and tired, so she went to bed, hoping for better luck the next day.

To her surprise, the next day, she found $5000 in the account and the money was still coming in.

Two weeks later, Angela returned to the supermarket with a gift for Peter. She bought $200 worth of groceries and paid for them at the counter where he worked.

Pedro was happy to see Angela and to see that she was stocking up on groceries for her family.

«These groceries are not for me. They are for you,» she explained to Pedro, who had been puzzled after hearing what Angela had said.

«I…I don’t understand,» he said, confused.

«I opened a crowdfunding account for you and I’m happy to say it did very well,» she said, handing the man a check for $25,000. Peter was in complete disbelief.

«I can’t believe it, this amount of money is equivalent to my salary for 12 months! Thank you! Thank you so much!» said Pedro crying with joy.

Thanks to his own act of kindness, Pedro was able to get enough money to put into his son’s college fund and also pay his friend’s medical bills.

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