Pet parrot exposes cheating husband’s affair to wife

Parrots are not just really clever birds, but they’re tricky as well. A man in Kuweit almost got arrested, after the family’s parrot accidentally exposed his alleged affair with the housemaid, Gulf News reported.

Family parrot exposes cheating husband's affair to wife.

Apparently, the bird started to repeat flirty words in front of the family. And since the wife never heard that kind os sweet words from her husband’s mouth, her suspicions that her husband is having an affair were confirmed.

So, the unnamed woman went directly to the police station to report her unfaithful husband, with their parrot as a witness. And since having affairs is illegal in the Arabic world, the husband was risking some jail time.

Caught and bowled (over): Pet parrot exposes husband's affair to wife - Oneindia News

However, the prosecution officer said the case could not be regarded as crime based on lack of credible evidence and could not be admitted in court, as it could not be proved that the bird had not heard the intimate conversation on TV or the radio.

Adultery is illegal in the Gulf state, carrying a potential prison sentence or even hard labour.

Parrot Exposes Man's Affair With Housemaid To His Wife - LADbible

Anyway, no matter how many problems they may cause, one thing is certain: these birds are really clever!

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