Teenager flips 5 times with speeding car, says Jesus saved him from death

Shiny cars, shiny rims and leather seats have always fascinated Jaydon Ray. When he was still a teenager, the Indiana boy turned his passion into his profession by starting a car repair business.

His friends and family were aware of his love for vehicles. Jaydon knew how to give cars the perfect makeover, whether it was an SUV or a regular car.

Ray, his cousin and his friend were working on a red sedan in August 2021. After arranging everything in the vehicle, the guys decided to take it for a spin.

Jaydon sat in the passenger seat, his cousin in the back seat, while his friend took the wheel. The three boys were heading north from Sweetser in rural Indiana, USA, unaware that the driver would lose control of the vehicle.

While driving down a bumpy road, Ray’s friend stepped on the gas. Then the car went over a pothole, hit a pole and rolled over five times before coming to a stop.

Jaydon had to struggle to get out of the wrecked vehicle. Trying not to close his eyes, he somehow managed to pull his cousin out of the back seat.

However, Ray was unable to help his friend out of the driver’s seat. Feeling faint, he lay on the ground, probably hoping someone would rescue them soon.

«I thought he was dead,» Ray recalled.

Soon, family members found the boys and immediately called the fire department for help. Meanwhile, Jaydon’s mother, Amber Lavengood, a nurse by profession, received the shocking news of her son’s accident.

After hearing what had happened, Lavengood hoped that her son was not seriously injured and believed that prayers would help him heal. Before going to the accident scene, she called her mother and said:

«Mom, please pray, not my baby.»

When Amber arrived at the scene of the accident, she saw Ray lying on the ground as firefighters tried to pull his friend out of the wrecked car. Immediately, she ran to her son and checked for any serious injuries.

«I’m fine. Jesus saved me,» Jaydon said.

He told her that only his back and neck hurt, but Lavengood felt the doctors should examine his arm. He waited for firefighters to take him to the nearest hospital.

As doctors performed multiple tests on Ray, Amber thought the results would reveal that her son had numerous injuries. She later learned that Ray’s cousin and friend did have fractures.

When Jaydon’s test results came back, the doctors were shocked. Despite having been in the horrific accident, the teenager had no injuries other than minor scratches on his arm.

Doctors sent Ray home that same night, while his mother thought what had happened was «unbelievable.» Two weeks later, the teen recovered and returned to his daily life. His friend and cousin also made a full recovery.

Jaydon may have lost his life a few days before his 18th birthday, but he miraculously survived. The incident taught him a lesson and brought him closer to God. He confessed that he had begun to pray more often.

Jaydon’s story teaches us to believe in the power of miracles because he survived with minor injuries after his car overturned five times. He could have lost his life, but fate had other plans.

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