The guy saved the twins who fell out of the 8th floor

Everything happened at eight o’clock in the evening. According to investigators, the two-year-old twins (a boy and a girl) and their 10-year-old sister were at home in the care of their grandmother while their parents were at work. The family, it should be noted, is considered to be stable. Around seven o’clock in the evening, the woman left the apartment for a while, leaving the kids in the care of her sister, who was doing homework in the next room. The restless twins managed to open a window, climbed on the window sill and one by one flew down from the eighth floor.

The 20-year-old midshipman Pavel went for a run that evening, as usual. His house is just around the corner.

«I was running and heard a sound, something falling. I looked and it was a child, a boy in a T-shirt! «I jumped the fence and — to him. The boy fell on the basement’s visor, and from there onto the pavement. I was going to him, and then I looked up and saw a girl climbing out of the eighth-floor window.»

«Immediately I thought, ‘If I didn’t save the first child, I’ll save the second one.’ I climbed onto the visor and began to wait with raised hands for the girl to fall. She climbed out into the street, legs first, slipping … I caught the child. I ended up taking her fall. She bumped her head on my hands. I held the girl in my arms, and she looked at me and cried. She was moving her arms and legs. So she’s okay. Then someone brought out a blanket, I wrapped the child up and handed her to the ambulance doctors, who arrived.

According to Pavel, the first child fell on a visor covered with metal profile. He got right between the beams, to which the relatively soft and pliable metal roofing was attached. That’s what saved him.

«The police came up,» Paul recalls. «I saw them talking to the children’s parents. They were, of course, in shock. I was so worried myself that I couldn’t sleep until 3 a.m. that day. I still have the girl falling down in front of my eyes. I’m glad the children survived. I come from a large family myself, I have young nephews. I have been watching them since they were born, and I know what it is like to live with small children. You have to keep an eye on them. And I keep thinking, how could these twins be left at home without adult supervision. It’s not right.»

Eyewitnesses say that the twins’ older sister was so shocked by what happened that she herself could barely keep from flying out the window to get the babies.

The children were hospitalized at the children’s regional hospital. The girl had a broken collarbone and the boy had a broken jaw. The children were immediately taken to the intensive care unit. Today they have already been transferred to specialized departments: the girl to traumatology department and the boy to surgery. Today their condition is assessed as moderate and children’s lives are not in danger.

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