The homeless man stood at the threshold puzzled. The woman nodded, and he approached her

«Good afternoon,» the woman said to the man, who was literally lying on the ground.

He looked up and was deeply amazed. In front of him stood a woman in an expensive coat, high heels, with a leather purse, fingers in jewelry. The man snorted with laughter and turned away. He had had enough of this mockery.

«Enough already,» he said aloud.

The woman, however, did not move away. She smiled her sweet smile, and leaned her head toward him.

«Are you hungry?»

«No. Fed!» said the recumbent a little ironically. «Go away.»

«Get up. Have lunch,» said the woman and touched his arm.

«Leave me alone, woman,» the man waved off in annoyance.

A policeman was passing by who overheard the conversation and intervened, addressing the woman.

«Are you in some kind of trouble? Do you need help?»

«Yes, help me get this man up.»

«Why do you need him?» wondered the policeman. «He’s been practically living here for a long time. Do you want trouble?» the policeman looked up at the woman.

«There’s a café over there, see? I want to feed this man there,» the woman replied calmly.

The homeless man understood what was going on and also put in his word:

«I don’t want to go anywhere! What are you up to?»

But the policeman had already got him on his feet. The homeless man timidly stepped back.

«I haven’t done anything. Let me go,» he asked.

«Calm down. Nobody’s doing anything bad to you. Go over there, to that coffee shop, and obey that woman,» the policeman ordered, and went on his way.

The homeless man waddled to the place. The woman had already ordered breakfast for him. She ordered coffee and cake for herself. However as soon as the man crossed the threshold, the administrator of the place came up to him and started pushing him out the door.

«Stop immediately,» the woman commanded. «You have no right to do that!»

«He’s going to cause our establishment to be abandoned,» the establishment employee resented.

«Wait!» the woman commanded again. «Tell me, who rents this hall from you?» she asked.

«Oh, they’re pretty respectable people,» the employee replied. «They make a big order and are our regular customers.»

«What kind of revenue do they give you?» the woman asked. «A good one, really. I’m the general manager of a company that orders halls from you all the time. Do you understand?»

«Excuse me, madam,» the receptionist already turned to her with a smile.

«I think that makes quite a difference. Doesn’t it?»

«Yes, Mistress,» the cafeteria worker already obligingly addressed her.

The homeless man stood at the threshold puzzled, not knowing what to do. The woman nodded, and he approached her. She sat him down at the table, which already had food on it.

The man frightenedly sat down at the table and began to eat greedily. When he had satisfied his appetite, the woman asked:

«Do you recognize me?»

The man stared into her face and said he thought he had seen her once before.

«Yes, it was quite a long time ago. I’ve certainly changed in that time. It’s been a long time. When I walked into this place hungry, cold, in a light coat. And you fed me. Do you remember this coffee shop? Don’t you?» the woman continued the conversation.

«I remember something. It seems so long ago…» the man replied timidly. «So things have changed.»

«I was in college then. It was winter. February, I think. I’d been evicted from my apartment because I was in debt. I didn’t know where to go. I was freezing to death. The nearest place was this place, where I could get a little warm. I came in with the hope of getting a little warm. I didn’t have any money at all, not even for hot tea.»

The man sitting next to her suddenly smiled with his half toothless mouth. Some memory had perhaps crossed his mind after all.

«You asked for some work then, for which I was to feed you.»

«Yes. And you sat me down at the table and brought me breakfast for thanks. I was really worried then that you wouldn’t get hurt because of me. But then I saw you put money in the register from your own wallet.»

«And what happened next?» the man lit up with interest.

«And then I started looking for a job and got a job in just a few days. Then I started my own business, which went well for me. Now I’m the director of the company. Here — this is my business card. You can come and see me tomorrow. I’ll help you find a job if you want?»

The man’s eyes lit up for a moment. He looked gratefully at the woman who had almost become his fairy godsend.

«I’ve lost my place because of non-payment,» the man muttered with pain in his voice.

«There’s a small room with a bed and a shower stall in the administrative area. You can live there for a while. Just one condition: don’t abuse alcohol and don’t take your friends there.»

«I don’t drink. It’s not my health.»

Tears ran down the man’s cheeks. He could barely keep from bursting into tears.

«Thank you! Thank you!!!»

«Thank God, not me. He once helped me thanks to you and now you with my help!» the woman stood up and asked for the bill.

The receptionist came over and witnessed the story.

«Thanks to you I saw a miracle,» he replied in surprise.

«There is a God in the world, so there is a miracle! Remember, whatever you sow in this life, you will also reap! » replied the woman and headed for the exit.

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