The incredible birth of the third pair of twins

A woman in Scotland recently gave birth to her third pair of twins. The probability of such an event is 1 in 500,000.

Karen Rodger, 41, and her husband Colin, 44, of Glasgow have become parents again after having another pair of twins Rowan and Isla.

The girls, are non-identical twins or twins and were born by C-section two minutes apart.

The couple already has four twin boys: 14-year-olds Lewis and Kyle and 12-year-olds Finn and Jude.

Roger thought her family was not complete and decided to have another child. The woman found out she was expecting twins again at an ultrasound in the sixth week of her pregnancy and sent a message to her husband about the addition to the family.

When he heard this, he thought his wife was joking and answered her:

«That’s not funny.»

Roger had to explain to her husband that it was, indeed, true.

Now the couple and four older brothers are very happy about the addition to the family.

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