The parents brought the girl into the family, they could not leave her in the orphanage! Their own daughter didn’t want to accept her

«And what do you need her for? Why do you care so much about her? Just give her back and that’s it! You have your own daughter! Why don’t you understand me?» the girl was indignant at her parents.

«Caroline, we love you both! Just as much! It’s just not easy for Maria right now. She’s all alone now. She has no one. How could your daddy do otherwise? Maria is the daughter of his best friend! He wants to take care of her.»

«Yes, she’s the only one you have who’s beautiful and smart! She’s the only one who’s always being held up as an example to me! She’s a good student and a good dancer!»

«Calm down! You don’t have to say that. We love you both! You’d better go clean up your room. Maria will be back from class in a moment, and we’ll sit down to dinner.»

Maria was a quiet and modest girl. When her parents were gone, it was very difficult to get used to the orphanage. Daddy’s friend, Alex, gave her his word that he would take her out of there as soon as he had all the necessary paperwork done. Alex’s wife was sympathetic, but her daughter Caroline didn’t want to accept a new family member. She was jealous. But Maria was very kind and sociable. She quickly made friends with her new classmates.

The years flew by. The girls were finishing eleventh grade. Caroline was no longer going to open conflict, but she still couldn’t calm down. Once again she decided to teach her sister a lesson. Graduation was approaching. One of the most attractive guys in class invited Maria, and she accepted the invitation. Caroline, as soon as she heard about it, decided to soil her sister’s dress. When Maria discovered the stains on her dress, she didn’t want to go anywhere. Caroline ended up going to the prom with the most attractive guy, Max. After that they started dating.

Shortly after entering the institute, Caroline became pregnant. But the boy’s parents were not thrilled about it and took their son away to study in a nearby town. It wasn’t easy for Marie, and she decided it was time to live on her own. The girl thanked her parents for everything they had done for her and went in search of a place to live. Alex sold her parents’ apartment and put the money in the bank in her name.

In time Maria got a job. She got a red diploma and was a good specialist. Then she met a nice young man. Despite the fact that he immediately began to call her to marry, the girl was in no hurry. Maria wanted to be independent and self-sufficient. She started her own business.

One day at the mall, Maria met Caroline. The girl didn’t look very well.

«Caroline, are you?

«Hi, sis! Я. Why are you so surprised? Not everyone’s life goes smoothly. I’ve been married, had a son, divorced. The baby’s staying with my parents now. I need to get on with my personal life, so I left. But I am ashamed to go back now. Who will give me a child? And how will I support him?»

«Let’s go to my place! You can take the baby, I’ll help, and then you can settle down on your own! The baby needs a mother!»

Maria knew very well how bad it was to live without a mother.

Caroline reconciled with her parents and took her son. Maria got her sister a job, helped her save money and rent a place to live. Caroline began to look so good that she had admirers.

«Maria, forgive me! I tried to hurt you all the time, and I did a lot of bad things. But now I realize how good it is that I have a sister! After all, I have no one closer to me now!»

«I don’t hold a grudge,» Maria smiled. «After all, your parents brought a complete stranger into the house. And they put me in the same room with you. I know what you mean. And I have to go to Andrew. I should have answered his offer long ago.»

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