The twins with the amazing eyes are 10 years old: how they look today

Today, Megan and Morgan Boyd are 10 years old and their popularity is only growing. Nature has given them not only perfect facial features, but also light blue eyes. Combined with dark skin and typical African-American curly hair, they create a unique look for the twins.

Particular attention should be paid to Morgan. Because of a rare anomaly, she has one brown eye and one blue eye. This unusual color is related to genes. Their uncle and great-grandfather are known to have the same peculiarity.

Their mother immediately noticed the girls’ potential and started actively promoting them on Instagram. The twins love being photographed, and their skills in front of the camera could be the envy of experienced models.

They have already participated in a fashion show in Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA, and have been seen by many celebrities.

Megan and Morgan collaborate with major children’s brands. They get branded clothes and pose for publications on social media. The twins are also the face of the brand Neon Kisses.

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