Together again, as it should be: a homeless man finally found his stolen dog

Around 8 a.m. on Wednesday in Miami Lakes, someone stole a five-year-old chihuahua named Sky.

Sky is the only family of a 72-year-old homeless man named Pedro Carrion. They live north of the Palmetto Highway.They love and support each other. The loss of the Sky has devastated Carrion.

The heartbroken father wanted to return the puppy. Carrion explained:

«It’s like when someone loses their child. My life was bad. And it wasn’t the first time they tried to take it away from me.»

Carrion also stated that Skye is his assistant, who helps him psychologically. The longer the dog was away, the more Carrion feared the worst.

«I really love my dog. He’s my life. I have no family, no children. My dog is my medicine. He means so much to me.»

Shortly after Sky’s disappearance, concerned neighbors teamed up to help him find the dog. They launched a GoFundMe page to help Carrion and Skye find each other. At the moment, more than $9,000 has been raised out of the planned $10,000. The page says:

«We think we can find Sky through social media. We can also raise funds to help Pedro get back on his feet and find a home. All the donated money will go to Pedro so that he has a roof over his head.»

People often mistakenly assume that someone who does not have a home does not take good care of his dog. In particular, in the case of Sky:Carrion feeds him well. He regularly takes him to the vet to make sure the dog has the appropriate vaccines.

Many locals intervened to say how strong the connection between Skye and Carrion is and how much a person loves his dog.

The long-awaited end of this story arrived via the GoFundMe page on December 6th. Someone anonymously returned Sky to his father.

«I am pleased to inform everyone that last night someone anonymously returned Sky to Pedro!!!! The Sky is in excellent condition and Pedro couldn’t be happier!!!! I want to thank everyone who helped bring Sky home! Pedro wants everyone to know that he is very grateful to everyone who helps him and shows love! God bless you, good guys!»

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