What the queens of children’s beauty contests look like now

The lives of the little beauty contestants are far from a fairy tale. They sit on grueling diets, endure cosmetic procedures, take energy drinks, in general, behave as children should not. But what happens to them in adulthood?

Madison Berg

This girl continued her career and still takes part in beauty contests. She is a college student and a member of the cheerleading team. Her most recent title was Miss Teen Mississippi 2017.

Eden Wood

She started strolling down the runway at the age of two. She seemed like a happy little girl doing what she loved. But it soon turned out that her mother had been giving her energy drinks and beating her regularly.

The woman attributed her behavior to her desire to make her daughter stress-resistant. After the scandal and the court proceedings, the girl ended up competing in beauty contests. She is now 14, and lives like any other teenager.

Isabella Barrett

This girl managed to make a fortune. She became popular after the show Babies and Tiaras. When she was 10 years old, she released a collection of clothes and jewelry. So far, she has made over $2 million and judging by her pictures, she has no intention of stopping.

Alana Thomson

For her charm and charisma, the girl was nicknamed «Little Boo Boo. She was able to successfully compete with other girls because of her innate charm. One day a television channel noticed the girl and invited her family to participate in a reality show. Because of the scandal that broke out, it was immediately shut down. Now Alana had forgotten about her modeling career.

Myers McKenzie

This girl became a contestant on «Toddlers and Tiaras» at the age of 5. She is remembered as the most emotional heroine of the project, constantly throwing tantrums.

Now she is 13 years old. Bright makeup, stage dresses and other attributes of beauty contests, she abandoned long ago.

Mickey PaceDly

This girl’s mother made the controversial decision to dress her up as the main character of the movie «Pretty Woman». The American public did not like that image very much. That’s why the little model’s career ended before it had even begun.

Tarelin Eschberger

This girl has experienced the world of show business from beginning to end. From an early age she performed in makeup and with huge hairstyles. It would seem that such a life should have left a mark on her, but it did not happen. Tarelin gave up the catwalk and started playing sports: volleyball and swimming.

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