When doctors couldn’t help an old man in a coma, it was his grandson who woke him up in a week

When doctors lost hope of saving the comatose grandfather, his grandson managed to do the unbelievable. A week later, the man woke up and surprised everyone. The boy’s father asked him in amazement how he had done it, and the boy told him something that made everyone cry. 8-year-old Simon was always inspired by his grandfather, Alex Hayes.

When his grandmother died five years ago, the boy was devastated and disappointed, but Alex filled the void in his life.

They loved each other and often fished at Alex’s favorite spot, a lake in the woods. One day, while his son Luke and grandson Simon were fishing, Alex got carried away with his big catch and stumbled.

Luke and his wife Hannah were mortified at the thought of having to lie to their son. However, they feared that he would be upset if he learned the truth about Alex’s condition.

Luke and Hannah were desperate. But they had to tell the boy everything.

Over the next few days, Simon visited Alex and spent a lot of time with him, telling him stories and laughing with him. Eventually, his parents began to worry that something was wrong with him.

When his mother told him she would no longer drive him to the hospital, Simon threatened to go himself. In the end, his parents had to take him away to avoid accidents.

And so the boy spent hours sitting at his grandfather’s bedside telling him different stories. He tearfully asked his grandfather to get better as soon as possible, so that they could go back to their favorite place together.

And then one day, when the boy was holding his grandfather’s hand, saying how sad he was without him, the old man finally wiggled his fingers and opened his eyes. It was the happiest moment.

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