Woman receives call from hospital and discovers that her hated sister is dead and that she has two newborn nephews

Linda and her older sister, Amanda, argued constantly as they were growing up. Eventually, Amanda left for college while Linda was still in high school.

The bickering between them stopped for a while, as the two no longer lived in the same house. But every time Amanda went to visit, the argument continued.

«All I want for you two is for you to stay together, no matter what,» her mother, Meredith, would say.

Everything changed when Meredith became seriously ill. Since the father of the two girls was not present, the woman had no choice but to ask Amanda for help.

«Worst case scenario, please don’t abandon your sister. Linda will have to live in a group home, but once you graduate, come back for her,» the distraught mother pleaded with her eldest daughter.

Soon after, Meredith passed away in her sleep. After her mother’s death, Linda began staying in a group home, awaiting her sister’s graduation.

At the end of the year, the young girl received the news that Amanda had graduated and tried to call her. But her older sister hung up on her without saying a word.

As the weeks of waiting turned into months, Linda realized that Amanda would never come back for her. The sisters never spoke again and hated each other even more.

After a troubled year, a lovely couple, Tom and Gaby, adopted Linda. They treated her as part of the family and she got to enjoy the rest of her high school life until graduation.

Time passed and Linda finished her university studies. Her adoptive parents were present at her graduation ceremony.

«No matter what happens, we will always be a phone call away,» Gaby told her adopted daughter.

Linda became a successful real estate agent in her hometown. She enjoyed helping people find the home of their dreams, as Tom and Gaby had done for her.

One day, Linda received a call from the local hospital. A nurse informed her that she was Amanda’s emergency contact.

«I’m very sorry to tell you this, but your sister has passed away due to complications during childbirth. She delivered two babies, and you are her next of kin,» the nurse said.

Linda was confused and angry. Amanda hadn’t even told her she was pregnant. «How dare she?» she thought.

She decided to call Tom and Gaby for guidance. They had helped her overcome her feelings of abandonment years before, and she knew they would have good advice.

«I know this is hard to accept, but Amanda was your sister and those two babies have done nothing wrong. At least go to the hospital and find some answers,» Tom told Linda.

Linda thanked her adoptive parents for their advice, but she still wasn’t convinced. She felt this was the children’s father’s responsibility, not hers. She didn’t plan to adopt the children, especially considering all that Amanda had put her through.

The woman arrived at the hospital looking for answers and spoke to one of the nurses. She informed her that Amanda had left a note before she passed away.

«It may be too late, but I understand now how many mistakes I made and how sorry I am for them. I know forgiveness is the last thing on your mind right now, but please consider my last wish. I ask you to accept my children. I beg you.»

«After I became a mom, I understood what emotions our mother was experiencing when she asked me not to leave you. I feel these emotions now…. I am so sorry,» the note read.

Linda was having a hard time processing it all. She wondered if there was more to the story.

«Where the hell is their father?» she thought.

She discovered on her sister’s cell phone that there were hundreds of calls and messages to a man named Derek. As it turned out, this man had left town when he found out Amanda was pregnant.

She had been left alone without support for months before giving birth to her babies. Linda was reminded of her mother. Meredith had also been abandoned by her husband after the birth of her youngest daughter and she had to take care of her two daughters alone.

Linda called Tom and Gaby once again to vent.

«Seeing those babies inside the nursery makes me remember when I was left in that group home,» she explained.

«You seem to know exactly what to do,» Tom responded.

After chatting with her adoptive parents, Linda sent a message to the dad of Amanda’s children.

«I hope someday you realize your mistake in abandoning my sister and your children. All I can hope is that someday you will seek forgiveness before it is too late,» the text read.

On that day, Linda signed on as guardian of her two nephews. She named them Tomas and Gabriel after their adoptive parents, who had been very helpful to her.

For her, the most important thing she could do to honor her sister and mother was to make sure the children always supported each other.

«No matter what altercations you kids have, you must always stick together, through thick and thin,» Linda would tell her nephews.

The three of them lived a happy life together and Linda took special joy in providing a home for the children.

In remembrance, Linda always took them to place fresh flowers on the graves of their mother and grandmother.

She had forgiven her sister and always wished she had reconciled with her while she was still alive. But she felt comfort looking at Tomas and Gabriel, for they had Amanda’s eyes.

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