«Worked up to 92 and performed more than 10,000 surgeries»: the amazing story of a female surgeon

Our heroine was born in 1927. As is known, her aunt was a doctor, and it was she who later instilled in the girl a love of medicine.

It is noteworthy that at first young Alla dreamed of becoming a geologist, to go hiking and overcome various difficulties.

However, after she read the book «Doctor’s Notes,» which she liked very much, she decided to tie her life to medicine.

The girl did not give up on her dream even in difficult times and went to the capital to enroll in medical university.

By the way, she did not succeed at once. But a year later she began to take classes at the university.

More than once Alla confessed that despite all the difficulties, she loved those times and always remembered them with warmth.

Even as a third-year student, she became an assistant to a famous surgeon.

By the way, our heroine was so petite that she had to stand on a stool to make it more comfortable to work. She worked all her life with such a stand, which her colleagues jokingly called a «carriage.

Soon she also trained as a proctologic surgeon and became the only specialist in the region in this field.

Alla worked for almost 70 years. Until the end of her days she remained devoted to her profession, which she loved very much.

Unfortunately, last winter the life of this wonderful woman was cut short.

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