A heartwarming gesture: Julia Roberts delights George Clooney with a one-of-a-kind gown at the Kennedy Center Honors

Julia Roberts has always known how to make her friends feel special, and she did just that when her dear friend and co-star from Ticket to Paradise, George Clooney, was honoured at the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors. Julia went above and beyond to show her love and support by wearing a truly unique dress emblazoned with photos of George’s face, and the reaction was absolutely priceless!

When Julia Roberts walked confidently onto the stage, George Clooney was taken aback. He couldn’t believe his eyes and exclaimed, «Wow! This thoughtful display of friendship and support from Julia was a genuine and heartfelt response. In that moment, the strong bond between these two Hollywood stars was truly evident.

The dress itself was a masterpiece, a true work of art. Images of George Clooney, from his red carpet appearances to his iconic role in ER, were meticulously printed all over the dress. Each image was beautifully framed in gold, creating a dazzling and eye-catching ensemble. Creative designer Jeremy Scott worked with stylist Elizabeth Stewart to bring this unique outfit to life.

Julia Roberts, known for her infectious humor, playfully joked about her attire. With a mischievous smile, she exclaimed, “What? What is this old thing? Can you tell I’m here for Gladys Knight?” Her humorous comment added charm and laughter to the moment, showcasing the playful nature of their cherished friendship.

To complete the look, Julia wore a black cropped jacket, adding a touch of modesty that didn’t detract from the fact that George was a well-deserved recipient of the prestigious award. And of course, no glamorous ensemble is complete without stunning Chopard jewellery, which added that extra touch of sparkle and elegance.

Elizabeth Stewart, stylist to the stars, delighted her Instagram followers with a glimpse of the back of the dress, captioned «#juliaframedgeorge». This behind-the-scenes moment showed the fun and light-hearted approach to this fashion statement, reflecting the joy and creativity that went into the entire show.

Julia Roberts took to her own Instagram to express her heartfelt gratitude for her stunning look. She took the opportunity to thank Jeremy Scott, Elizabeth Stewart and Moschino for making her dream gown a reality. Julia also shared her happiness at seeing George receive this highest honour at the Kennedy Center, emphasising the significance of the moment.

The images on Julia’s dress speak volumes about their enduring friendship. We simply can’t find enough words to express how much we adore this fashion statement. It was bold, creative and a beautiful tribute to the amazing bond between these two incredible Hollywood stars.

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