Adam Sandler gives Jennifer Aniston flowers for every Mother’s Day. And we almost burst into tears when we found out the reason

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have been friends for more than 30 years, together they went from unknown people to world stars and still support each other in such a way that you look at it — and on the soul warmer. Adam and his wife even give flowers to Jennifer on Mother’s Day, although the actress has no children. And there is a very touching reason for this.

It is today actors are known to millions, and then, during the first meeting, they had no fame, no hint of work. But at the same time Adam admits that even then he knew that he would be friends with Jennifer and they will become really close. Yes, and today the actor does not get tired of repeating that he simply adores the actress.

«I love her. She is solid as a rock, funny and very cool»

Adam often acts like a caring older brother to Jennifer. For example, his comments on all of the actress’ dates are an unwavering, «What are you doing? You’re not serious, are you?»

And Jennifer, in turn, regularly feeds Adam healthy smoothies.

In November 2022, the actress spoke candidly about one of the biggest challenges she faced. About her attempts to get pregnant.

«I went through a real frenzy. Did IVF, drank Chinese teas, grabbed at anything. But well, that ship has sailed.»

And it’s at times like these that the support of friends is more important than ever.

Adam has been married for 20 years, and all these years he and his wife together have supported Jennifer in all difficult situations. Sandlers have seen what a difficult path the actress is going through, and now on every Mother’s Day they send Jennifer flowers. So the actress feels really cared for.

By the way, the warmth between Adam and Jennifer is noticed even by viewers who saw their joint appearances on all kinds of talk shows. And viewers also noted that the relationship of actors is undeniable proof that friendship between men and women is really possible.

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