Adopted «girl from the dumpster.» How the adopted daughter of the star of «Disco Dancer» looks 20 years later.

Indian actor Mithun Chakraborty gained worldwide fame by starring in the film «Disco Dancer,» but few know the details of his personal life. For instance, more than 20 years ago, he adopted a girl who was literally thrown away in the dumpster by her mother.

Chakraborty was deeply moved by the little girl’s story after reading about it in the press. Despite the lack of basic necessities, the girl is bravely recovering from her ordeal.

The Bollywood star confidently decided to take custody of the girl, who was then named Dishani and became the fourth child in the Chakraborty family.

This young girl has now grown into a beautiful woman with an attractive appearance. Thanks to her father, she became interested in the profession of an artist and was able to succeed in this field.

Pretty girl, isn’t she?

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