An ordinary grandmother. Mrs. Stone, 65, went to meet her fans without manicure or makeup, wearing a stretchy sweater

Legendary Hollywood icon Sharon Stone made a highly unusual appearance, sharing photos taken at home, devoid of make-up and manicure. The actress chose not to adorn herself in luxury, opting instead for a comfortable handmade sweater. Internet users’ opinions diverged in the comments. It turns out that many of Sharon’s admirers failed to recognize the actress in these new photos.

«In my opinion, it’s essential to preserve one’s image to the end. I find it hard to imagine that Audrey Hepburn would have made an appearance wearing a homemade sweater and no make-up», «It’s crucial to match star status», «She looks neglected here. She doesn’t look like herself.»

«It looks like old age has set in», «Advanced age has quietly arrived», «Sharon was once a style icon», «She lowered the bar as she aged», «I remember Stone in her legendary film», «An ordinary lady of the third age», — I read under Stone’s publication.

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