Angelica: Now she’s 84 years old, and she’s nothing like the old Angelica

Michelle Mercier, will always be associated with the role of Angelica, yet her life is not at all like an incredible adventure.

Jocelyn, her real name, Mercier was born in 1939 in Nice. On January 1, 2022 the actress reached the age of 84.

Her career was not limited to the borders of France. The actress has starred in countries such as England, Italy and even America, in Hollywood.

Mercier is one of the leading actresses of French cinema. But it was the role of the magnificent Angelica that made her really famous.

In 1964 she got the role in Angelica, Marquise of the Angel. This role was the most symbolic for her and changed her whole life.

Unfortunately, although this role allowed her to become incredibly famous, it also greatly slowed down her career, because everyone started to see her only as Angelica.

After starring in the picture, she begins to have much more trouble finding new roles.

For several years now, the incredible actress has been enjoying her golden retirement on the Côte d’Azur.

However, every year she receives an invitation to the famous Cannes Film Festival, having the honor of being its guest of honor.

Unfortunately, in 2015 the actress could not participate in the festival because she broke her arm. But 2016 was even more difficult for Michelle Mercier, as she found out that she had very serious health problems.

During the interview, the actress reveals her horrible diagnosis:

«I have cancer,» she explains.

«It always seems unthinkable, until it happens to you. There are those who cry when they find out, but I hold firm.»

A movie that never gets boring, so it is always interesting to watch all the misadventures and difficult fate of this beautiful girl.

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