Antonio Banderas thanked his stepdaughter for the emotional speech she dedicated to her «Paponio» in front of the audience

Dakota Johnson is the daughter Melanie Griffith had with her first ex-husband, Don Johnson. Melanie also had a son, Alexander Bauer, with her other ex-husband, Steven Bauer. With her third ex-husband, Antonio Banderas, she had Stella.

In 2020, Antonio spoke about his marriage to Griffith, which ended in 2015 after being together for almost 20 years. «The Mask of Zorro» actor stated that he may be divorced from the actress, but she is his best friend.

He considers them as his children

He revealed that he still loved her and said he would continue to do so until he died because she was his «family.» While they were together, Antonio helped Melanie Griffith raise her stepchildren, Alexander and Dakota.

The «Pain and Glory» actor may not be Dakota’s biological father, but he loves her as if she were his daughter. Despite Griffith’s divorce, Antonio has remained close to her and his daughter, and the bond he shares with his stepdaughter is palpable.

The actor got emotional when talking about his bond with Dakota

Antonio and Dakota have a bond that has transcended the years, despite the fact that she is not his biological daughter. On December 13, 2022, the «Shrek» star shared beautiful memories of the years he lived with his stepdaughter.

During an interview, the actor revealed that Dakota called him «Paponio,» a combination of the Spanish word for «daddy,» «Papi,» and his first name. When asked about the 2022 festivities, Antonio said that he and his stepdaughter had no plans to get together.

The actor explained that it was mainly because she was quite busy and was always working. Antonio mentioned that the last two meetings were at film festivals.

However, in 2019, the «Fifty Shades of Grey» actress honored him with the Hollywood Actor Award at the Hollywood Film Awards for his role in «Pain And Glory.»

The moment held a special place in Antonio’s heart. He remembered that she had given him «one of the most beautiful speeches».

Antonio was touched and grateful to know what she thought of her «Papi». What Melanie Griffith’s daughter said was very touching, and it was clear that she meant it from the bottom of her heart.

Dakota’s speech to her stepfather

At the Hollywood Film Awards, Dakota recalled that Antonio was amusing, vibrant and funny, and that’s how she perceived him when he came into their lives. The actress joked that the actor’s English at the time was «abstract,» and the family thought that was amazing.

Griffith’s daughter added that Antonio loved her mother and siblings so «fiercely» and «greatly» that it had changed their lives forever. When her family married the actor, they became attached to Spain, to their Spanish friends and family, and to flamenco dancing.

She also spoke of Antonio’s nearly 40-year collaboration with Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. The actress then listed the more than eight films in which her stepfather had collaborated with Almodóvar, and affirmed that their relationship between actor and director was long-lasting.

Dakota said with emotion that the filmmaker’s best film was «Dolor y Gloria» and also mentioned that her stepfather was a great actor. She stated that Antonio’s performance in the film had been his «best performance».

After calling Antonio «Papi,» she said that her family was amazed, proud and loved him forever. She then said she was «honored» to give him the award.

It moved the Internet users

Some netizens who watched the video of the speech on YouTube were so moved that one person claimed to have «shed a tear» when Dakota called Antonio «Papi». Another person also loved the affection the actress expressed for the actor.

The user said she appreciated hearing the actress express her affection and love for her stepfather. She also acknowledged that it was unusual to witness something like this in Hollywood.

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