Curious situations in which celebrities got into, but did not lose their presence of mind

Each of us has been in situations that we wouldn’t want to tell anyone about. But it’s easier for us: we and a couple of witnesses know about our embarrassing moments. But media personalities, who are known to the whole world, have a much harder time. The main thing here is to keep a sense of humor and remind yourself that this too will pass.

We hope that such punctures will happen as rarely as possible and leave nothing but a smile.

Meryl Streep lost her shoe

For the role of Margaret Thatcher in the movie «The Iron Lady» actress received a BAFTA award, but when Meryl went to receive the award, her shoe decided to run away from the mistress. Good thing Colin Firth, like a true prince, returned the fugitive to the star’s foot by getting down on one knee. Streep even gave Firth a kiss.

Tom Hanks is being teased by fans

There was this funny dialog between Tom Hanks and host Graham Norton:
G. N.: What do people most often say when they meet you on the street?
Т. H.: Oh, well, they used to shout after me: «Houston, we’re in trouble!» or, «Run, Forrest, run!» And I probably heard the second one more often. But now they’re just yelling, «Wee-ee-ee-ilso-o-n!»

We’re talking about the ball, the friend of the character played by the actor in the movie Outcast.

Samuel L. Jackson has been mistaken for fellow actor Laurence Fishburne

A news anchor accidentally (hopefully) mixed up the actors on live TV. After such an embarrassing episode, Samuel L. Jackson wore a t-shirt that read «I’m not Laurence Fishburne.» Just to be sure.

Katy Perry couldn’t move on stage after jumping into a cream cake

The 2008 Latin American MTV Awards ceremony was supposed to be a fiery affair, Katy was supposed to jump out of a cake, but the singer thought it was corny and decided to jump on it. Well, that might have been a cool idea if it weren’t for one «but.» The cream was very slippery, and the star was constantly falling down after getting covered in it, effectively turning her performance into a farce.

Meghan Markle forgot to take the tag off her new dress

Meghan Markle’s personal stylists and assistants clearly didn’t have time to make the Duchess look her best during her flight from Fiji to the Kingdom of Tonga, and she appeared before the public with a tag on her hem. Of course, it’s a small thing, and many remember this oversight with a smile.

Leonardo DiCaprio was not recognized by the security guards and did not want to let him into the party

Yes, and stars can fail to pass the security check. Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to get into a fancy club for a Halloween party, but he was blocked by vigilant guards. Probably, and then came the crowning phrase «Do you know who I am?». A little later Leo did get into the establishment, though with a very bad mood, but the careless guards were almost fired.

Daniel Radcliffe was mistaken for a homeless man

The famous actor decided to share an interesting story, which prompted him to be more attentive to his closet and appearance in general. When he and his girlfriend walked the dog, and she excused herself for a minute to the store, Daniel froze and sat down to his four-legged friend to warm up. At that moment, some passerby approached Radcliffe and extended $ 5 with the words: «Buy yourself a coffee, boy.»

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