Dwayne Johnson’s daughters gave him a Christmas makeover and put a tutu on him

Shortly before Christmas, Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson shared a video on Instagram in which he appeared receiving a makeover from his two young daughters. The actor was filmed sitting in a chair while his girls applied makeup to his face.

He wore what looked like a Harley Quinn wig with pigtails and a sparkly tiara! Jasmine was seen applying pink makeup to her dad’s cheeks, while her little sister, Tiana, also helped out by praising Dwayne for his new look.

At one point, Tiana told her dad that he looked «very handsome,» and it looked like he had also put on lipstick! The celebrity explained how it had come to that situation, stating:

«First morning back home with my tornadoes and at 8am they were insisting on giving Dwanta Claus a makeover before Christmas.»

Dwayne continued, «I haven’t seen myself in the mirror yet, but if I look as cool as I FEEL RIGHT NOW, then I WON, BABY.»

The father of three even tried to find out if he looked «cool» with his new look.

Dwayne begged to be allowed to keep his dignity! The «Jumanji» actor’s daughters wanted him to wear a pink tutu, but the video cut out before he got up and managed to put it on.

What did Dwayne look like in the tutu?

A day after posting the first clip, Johnson showed how he wore the tutu his daughters had prepared for his makeover. Jasmine removed the wig from his head so he could put on the tutu from above.

However, the garment was too small and didn’t go over his head, it fit him like a wig. Jasmine was amused and even put the tiara back on while her father protested.

The «Black Adam» star explained in his post that they had tried to put the tutu on his legs, but it only fit on one! The idea was for him to wear the tutu as a scarf around his neck, but his head was too big.

‘Oh Daddy,’ gushes 4-year-old Tia, ‘you look so pretty.’

‘Do I look cool?’ Dwayne asks repeatedly. ‘You promised me I was going to look cool.’

‘Here’s the tutu everybody!’ Jasmine holds up a pink ruffled tutu and commands: ‘Stand up!’

‘Do I need anything else?» asks the superstar.

‘Yes,’ his daughters answer. ‘You need a tutu.’

‘I need a tutu?’ asks The Rock. ‘I also need my dignity.’

The celebrity said his daughters had become the «great balance» in his life. He noted that he was surrounded by estrogen, but that he wouldn’t trade it for anything. He also said he hopes Tiana never tires of holding his hand, although he suspects that one day she will.

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